does boiling water remove fluoride

Many people are told that adding fluoride to water is good for the body, especially in the United States, where they believe that fluoride strengthens teeth. But in fact, too much fluoride in water is fatal to human health. So many people are concerned about that--- does boiling water remove or get rid of fluoride from water? The following article will give you a detailed answer to if you boil water, does it remove fluoride and what does boiling water help.

Why Get Rid of or Kill Fluoride Out of Water? | Top 3 Fluoride Side Effects

can you boil fluoride out of water

Before we talk about does boiling water remove fluoride, firstly, we should know the side effects of the fluoride in water. The appropriate amount of fluoride is conducive to the prevention of caries, if the fluoride content in water is less than 0.5ppm, the incidence rate of caries will reach 70% to 90%. However, if the amount of fluoride in drinking water exceeds 1 ppm, the teeth will gradually become speckled and brittle. When the fluoride content in drinking water exceeds 4 ppm, people are susceptible to bone fluorosis, resulting in bone marrow malformations. The three most common hazards of fluoride exceeding the standard are as follows:

1. Fluoride Effect on Teeth---Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride has a double effect on teeth, when the fluoride content of drinking water is 1 ppm, it has both an anti-caries effect and does not form fluorosis. The fluoride content in drinking water is too low, the acid resistance of the teeth is reduced, and caries are prone to occur. If children live for a long time in areas with high water fluoride content during the development of teeth, excessive fluoride concentrations will cause disorders in tooth development, causing dental fluorosis. The symptoms of dental fluorosis are mainly the appearance of chalky or yellow-brown plaques on the surface of the teeth, the surface of the teeth becomes convex and uneven, and in severe cases, abnormal tooth morphology occurs. After the appearance of dental fluorosis, the function and aesthetics of the teeth can be restored by resin filling restoration, porcelain veneer, all-porcelain crown restoration, etc.;

2. Fluoride Side Effects---Skeletal Fluorosis

The high concentration of fluoride in drinking water deposits not only on the teeth but also on the bones. It can lead to abnormal bone development, causing symptoms such as pain and fatigue in bones and joints throughout the body, resulting in osteoporosis and bone sclerosis. Bone pain, deformation, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, etc. occur. This is due to the fact that excess fluoride binds to calcium or phosphorus in the blood in the body, inhibiting related metabolic activities; Or fluorine and calcium ions combine to form insoluble calcium fluoride deposited in the bone, increasing bone density caused by bone hardening, calcium in the bone is difficult to release into the blood, blood calcium decline and lead to hyperparathyroidism. After being hit by the outside, it is easy to fracture, and in severe cases, there will be deformation and even paralysis of bones and joints throughout the body, resulting in the loss of ability to work.

3. Fluoride Effects on Brain---Cognitive Decline

Fluoride can accumulate in brain tissue through the blood-brain barrier, and too much fluoride can affect the physiological processes of the brain, resulting in memory loss, lack of energy, insomnia, and fatigue.

At present, many studies such as the mechanism and exact results of the effect of fluoride on life and health in the human body are still in progress, but the excessive amount of fluoride in the body is exactly harmful to human health. Then, let us move to the question of can you boil fluoride out of water.

Does Boiling Heating Water Remove Fluoride?

does boiling water remove fluoride

The answer to can you boil fluoride out of water is no. Boiling water does not help you remove or kill any fluoride from water. Before we analyze the question in detail, let's take a look at the common pollution in the water:

1. Solid suspended solids: sediment, rust, and other visible objects to the naked eye

2. Microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, algae, etc

3. Dissolved inorganic substances: disinfection by-products, copper sulfate, chloride, fluoride, nitrate

4. Heavy metals: mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, etc

5. Organic matter: all kinds of industrial dyes, cleaners, disinfectants, pesticides, antibiotics

6. Radioactive particles: radioactive particles produced by the nuclear industry and nuclear medicine

What does the boiling water help? After the water is boiled, the bacterial virus is basically killed; Volatile hazardous substances in water will be volatilized; At the same time, it can eliminate pathogenic bacteria that may be brought about by pipeline transportation.

However, boiling water can do nothing to fluoride in water and so do the harmful pollutants like pesticide residues, hormones, antibiotics, and heavy metals dissolved in the water. What's worse, the corpses of the bacteria and viruses that were killed are still left in the water. When you boil water does it remove fluoride? No, boiling water won't help with removing fluoride in water. In other words, boiling water is still not healthy enough. We know that many diseases are chronic and may not see any problems for a short period of time. In some areas, the water quality is very poor, and drinking water containing many harmful impurities for many years is prone to cause various chronic diseases.

So why you can't get rid of fluoride by boiling water? To put it in a simple way, fluoride is very similar to chloride, and usually, sodium chloride is equivalent to salt in our daily life. As you know, boiling water is not able to remove the salt. The same applies to fluoride, whether naturally occurring or added, and boiling does not remove any fluoride out of water.

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Therefore, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to drinking water standards in daily life to maintain good health. We have get the conclusion that boiling water can't remove fluoride. If you find that your water fluoride exceeds the standard after testing, the only way is to use physical methods. There are water filtration systems remove fluoride chlorine----Use a SimPure Y7P countertop reverse osmosis system to filter out it! Therefore, the best way is to install a reverse osmosis countertop water filter. The pore size of the RO membrane is five parts per million (0.0001 microns) of human hair, which is generally invisible to the naked eye, and bacteria and viruses are 5,000 times larger than it. RO membrane can effectively remove fluoride, calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organics, inorganics, metal ions, and radioactive substances in water.