can you drink distilled water

Do you know what distilled water is? Distilled water is clean and free of impurities obtained by distillation. So can you drink distilled water for a long time? Is distilled water really good for our bodies? In fact, drinking distilled water for a long time is not healthy. Let's learn more about whether you should drink distilled water, and what kind of drinking water is your best choice.

What Is Distilled Water?

can you drink distilled water

Before we learn what distilled water is, we should figure out what distillation is.

Distillation is a thermodynamic separation process that uses the unit operation process of mixing liquids or liquid solids in which the boiling points of each component are different so that the low boiling point components evaporate and then condense to separate the entire components. It is a combination of evaporation and condensation two kinds of unit operations.

Compared with other separation methods, such as extraction, filtration crystallization, etc., it has the advantage of not using solvents other than the system components, so as to ensure that no new impurities are introduced.

Then distilled water is pure water obtained directly through the distillation process. This process is one of the methods that can be used to purify water. Distillation is carried out by boiling water and collecting the resulting steam, which, once cooled, will return to the water.

Is Distilled Water Safe Ok to Drink?

is distilled water safe to drink

After figuring out what distilled water is, let's take a look at the question of is distilled water safe to drink. Here are some questions related to distilled water.

1. Can You Drink Distilled Water Everyday?

Can I drink distilled water every day? No, distilled water is not suitable for drinking every day. If you only drink it once in a while, it is safe and ok, but it cannot be drunk as drinking water for a long time.

2. Does Drinking Distilled Water Detox You?

Distilled water helps to detoxify the body. Drinking some distilled water at ordinary times can absorb toxins in the body and excrete them, which is of great help to the body. So the answer to the question of does drinking distilled water detox you is yes.

3. Can Drinking Distilled Water Cause Give You Diarrhea?

Can drinking distilled water give you diarrhea? Yes, it depends on how much distilled water you drink. Distilled water loses many of the minerals the body needs during the distillation process. Drinking a large amount of distilled water for a long time will cause symptoms such as chest tightness, nausea, diarrhea, physical decline, and impatience, which will endanger human health.

Is the distilled water safe to drink? With the above content, we can get the conclusion that distilled water can be drunk in small amounts, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking. Because distilled water cannot remove volatile substances from water. Drinking distilled water for a long time can lose electrolytes and certain minerals, which is likely to cause high blood pressure and heart problems. Also, if distilled water is used for cooking, it will reduce the nutritional value of food.

Side Effects of Long-term Drinking of Distilled Water

Long-term drinking of distilled water can cause trace element deficiency, causing different degrees of human physiological abnormalities or diseases, such as malnutrition, developmental delay, memory loss, and so on. Distilled water is hypotonic, long-term drinking will affect the plasma osmolality, causing water electrolyte disorders. Cells are expanded when hypotonic, and puffiness, water intoxication, and even coma are life-threatening. Here you can get a clear answer to the question of should you drink distilled water.

What's more, the biggest disadvantage of distilled water is that it cannot remove substances with a lower boiling point than water, such as organic matter, synthetic compounds, chlorides, algae, and other harmful substances, so the acidity is higher than that of ordinary pure water. The laws of European and American countries do not allow distilled water to be used for drinking water sales, which is giving you the direct answer to the question is distilled water safe to drink.

So What Kind of Water Should You Drink?

Since we have got the answer that we shouldn't drink distilled water everyday, what kind of water should we drink in our daily life?

Drink Tap Water Filtered By Under Sink RO System

5 stage reverse osmosis system

In fact, after the tap water is boiled, it is still impossible to remove dirt from the water, especially heavy metals, volatile substances, and bacterial carcasses. These problems persist even with chlorine disinfection, and after chlorine gas is used, chlorine remains in the water. Boiling water only removes some bacteria, and there is no way to deal with sediment, rust, heavy metals, etc. Therefore, a  5 stage reverse osmosis water filter filtration system is needed to further solve these problems.

The 5 stage under sink tankless reverse osmosis system water purifier filters suspended solids in tap water by adsorbing activated carbon as well as reverse osmosis membranes and other filter elements. Bacteria, rust, algae, microorganisms, and other impurities, so that daily drinking water becomes pure; It can also filter out the residual chlorine in tap water, making the filtered water healthier. It is safer than bottled water and distilled water and can save a lot of money! So the purified water by the under sink ro reverse osmosis system is the best water that you can drink everyday!

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