is filtered water the same as distilled water

A lot of people are curious about if is distilled water the same as filtered water.They wondered if they can drink distilled water safely like they drink filtered water.In this short passage,we will tell you is distilled water the same as filtered water.

Is distilled and filtered water the same?

As a matter of fact,filtered water is not the same as distilled water.There are three forms of water: gaseous,liquid and solid. They can be converted to each other by changing the temperature conditions. Distilled water is collected from water by heating, evaporating and condensing through a closed container. It is pure and does not contain any other substances.Although heavy metals are removed,but trace elements needed by the human body are also removed. And some low boiling organics are not removed.Because these low-boiling organic compounds are volatilized and condensed back into the water with the condensation of water vapor. Drinking distilled water for a long time will not only cause the lack of some trace elements, but also drink some organic substances into the body, which is not good for your health,so distilled water is not suitable for regular drinking water.Filtered water is made by multi-stage filtration to remove harmful substances such as impurities and bacteria. It is a mixture containing minerals and is suitable for human consumption.

is filtered water the same as distilled waterTherefore, filtered water and Distilled water are not the same, the two cannot be substituted for each other, distilled water cannot be drunk for a long time while filtered water is perfect for daily drinking.