what do refrigerator water filters remove

Did you know what does a refrigerator water filter do? Refrigerator water filter has a very critical protective effect on the refrigeration system of the refrigerator. So what do refrigerator water filters remove?The refrigerator water filter is mainly responsible for remove moisture and pollutants in the refrigeration system of the refrigerator. It can prevent impurities from clogging the capillaries and damaging the compressor and causing the refrigeration system to malfunction. With a refrigerator filter, you can ensure that the refrigeration system stays clean and dry.

What do refrigerator water filters remove?

1. The first layer of microfiltration membrane: The microfiltration membrane in the refrigerator filter will remove various dust and impurities from the tap water, such as rust caused by aging pipes and pollutants brought by the roof water tank.
2. The second layer of compressed carbon: The compressed carbon in the refrigerator water filter can not only effectively remove chlorine and organic matter, but also absorb the odor and color caused by tap water disinfection.
3. The third layer of ultrafiltration membrane: The ultrafiltration membrane in the refrigerator water filter can remove bacteria and viruses in water.

what do refrigerator water filters remove

How do refrigerator water filters remove?

The drier filter of the refrigerator is located in the refrigeration system of the refrigerator, and is generally installed in the liquid pipeline between the outlet of the condenser and the inlet of the capillary tube, and consists of a drier and a filter. A 120-mesh copper wire mesh is installed at 10-15mm from the inlet of the drying filter to preliminarily filter the large particles of impurities entrained by the liquid refrigerant coming out of the condenser. A 15-20mm from the outlet of the drying filter The 200-mesh copper wire mesh is used to intercept the fine particles of impurities entrained in the liquid refrigerant. In this way, the layered interception and filtration can basically filter out the impurities entrained in the refrigerant to ensure that the capillary is not blocked by dirt.

The desiccant in the filter drier for refrigerators uses a substance called molecular sieve. Molecular sieve, also known as synthetic zeolite, is an aluminosilicate with a crystalline framework structure, which is white powder and insoluble in water. The molecular sieve in the filter drier is generally molded into a small spherical shape with a binder. Its crystal void is about 0.4nm, and it can absorb water molecules with a diameter of 0.17-0.38nm, and refrigerant molecules with a molecular diameter greater than 0.4nm and refrigeration lubricating oil. Molecules cannot be adsorbed, so different molecular sieves can be used for screening substances with different diameters, which is why the synthetic zeolite is called molecular sieve. Each gram of molecular sieve can absorb 160-200 mg of water, and a drying filter is equipped with about 10 g of molecular sieve, which can generally absorb 1.6-2 g of water.

The outer shell is formed by a red copper tube. The inlet and outlet ports at both ends have the same diameter and different diameters. The inlet end is thick wire mesh, and the outlet end is fine wire mesh, which can filter impurities effectively. Molecular sieve with excellent hygroscopic properties is installed as a desiccant to absorb the moisture in the refrigerant, so as to ensure the smooth capillary tube and the normal operation of the refrigeration system.

What do refrigerator filters do?

The entire refrigeration system of the refrigerator needs to work in a dry vacuum environment, but there will inevitably be traces of moisture and tiny impurities. If these impurities and moisture are not treated, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the refrigeration system.

During the assembly process, due to the influence of the assembly environment, irregular assembly operations or incomplete cleaning of the parts themselves, air or some dust will enter the refrigeration pipeline. According to the principle of refrigeration cycle, the superheated steam with high temperature and high pressure is discharged from the exhaust port of the compressor, and after being cooled by the condenser, it enters the capillary tube for throttling and decompression. Due to the small inner diameter of the capillary, if there is moisture and impurities in the system, it is easy to cause blockage and affect the normal function of the refrigerator.

Therefore, in daily life, the refrigerator water filter is very important for the protection of the refrigerator refrigeration system. In order to ensure that the refrigerator can be dry and clean, and the refrigeration system can operate normally, it is essential to install a refrigerator water filter.

what do refrigerator water filters do

How to deal with clogged refrigerator filter

1. If the air quality inside the air compressor is too poor, it is recommended to direct the air compressor intake pipe to an area with better air quality, or add a high-efficiency air filter to the air intake.

2. Pay attention to cleaning and maintaining the air filter during use. In order to prolong the service life of the air filter, it is recommended to clean the air filter in time. If the air filter is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

3. If it is because of the failure of the oil filter, the work load of the degreasing steam is greatly increased, causing the problem of clogging. It is recommended to drain the dirty oil in the oil filter in time, replace the filter element in time, and clean the inside of the filter regularly.