how to filter water in the wild

How do you purify water the wild?Clean water in the wild is important for adventure enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. However, it is not easy to obtain clean water in the wild. Outdoor rivers, lakes, rainwater, etc. need to be purified before drinking.So How to purify water in the wild is a question that many people care about. This article SimPure will tell you how to filter water in the wild in detail.

how do you filter water in the wild

Ways to purify water in the wilderness

1.Filter water in the wild through Penetration

How do you filter water in the wild When the water source is very turbid,there is a lot of sand around the river and lake to use. Under this circumstance the method of penetration can be used to purify the water source. Generally, a pit with a depth of about 50-80 cm and a diameter of about 100 cm can be dug down 3-5 meters away from the water source, so that the water will naturally seep out from the gaps of sand and stone, which is stronger than that of the water source.You can carefully remove the filtered water and put it in the water tank, but do not stir up the sediment at the bottom of the pit when taking the water to keep the water clean

2. Filter water in the wild by making a filter yourself

When the surrounding environment of the water source is not suitable for digging, a self-made filter can be used for filtration, which can purify the water and make it relatively safe to drink. When filtering, you can find a plastic bag and pierce the bottom. You can also use a plastic bottle, remove the bottom of the bottle and turn it upside down. Then use a knife to pierce a few small holes in the bottle cap, and then fill in 2~4 cm thick from bottom to top. For example, 5~7 layers of clean fine sand and charcoal powder should be pressed firmly, and the unclean water should be slowly poured into the simple homemade filter. The filtered clean water is collected.

3. Purify water in the wild through Precipitation

Collect the water in a water storage container such as a pot or pot, and then put a small amount of alum or kapok branches and leaves, cactus, elm bark, etc. in the water. These substances must be smashed before putting them in the water, and then settle for 30 minutes. Then gently scoop up the upper layer of water, so that you can get cleaner water.

4. Use outdoor water purification products to purify water in the wild

Some of the purification methods mentioned above may sound troublesome, and the purification effect of water is also very limited. Now, there are outdoor water purifiers designed for outdoor enthusiasts that not only remove impurities from the water but also bacteria and parasites like straw. The portable outdoor water purifier is installed and combined with different filter elements, which can directly filter the water source water and convert it into direct drinking water. Using an outdoor water purification device allows you to purify water in the wild very conveniently, and you can drink clean water in time. This is currently the safest way to purify water in the wild.

how to purify water in the wild

Best way to purify water in the wild-- outdoor water filter

In general, using an outdoor water filter is the most convenient and safe way to purify water in the wid, which allows you to drink clean water immediately. Outdoor water filters do not need to be installed, and only need manpower to immediately purify outdoor rainwater, stream water, river water, lake water, and other natural water into sterile, safe drinking water without suspended pollutants and other harmful substances. Water purification equipment or devices. It is the best choice for soldiers, outdoor operators, and outdoor enthusiasts to obtain safe drinking water on-site when they are outdoors. With outdoor water filter, you don't need to carry a lot of purified water, and you don't have to worry about having difficulty purifying water in the wild.

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