water distiller vs water filter

There are two types of pure water generators generally used to make pure water: water distiller and water filter. water distiller vs water filter the biggest difference between the water distiller and water filter is that the principle of making pure water is different. These two types of equipment have their own uses, advantages and disadvantages. How do we choose when water distiller vs water filter? Let's take a look at some of the differences between the water distiller and water filter.

Water distiller vs water filter The difference between water filter and water distiller

1. Water production efficiency

The water distiller can produce 5 to 20 liters of water per hour, and the water filter can produce 5-100 liters of water per hour. In contrast, the water filter has a wider range of options and is slightly better than the water distiller.

water distiller vs water filter

2. Water quality

Water distiller vs water filter in terms of the water quality of the equipment, the water distiller can be said to be completely defeated by the water filter. The water distiller uses the distillation cooling method to prepare water, which cannot remove various impurities in the water, and the produced water can only reach the third-level pure water standard. The water filter is to purify and treat water through multiple processes, including various filter elements, reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange resins, etc., which can effectively remove impurities in the water, and the produced water is basically the first-class ultrapure water standard.

There have been experiments to compare the effluent quality of the two instruments by resistivity. The resistivity of the water produced by the water distiller cannot reach the megohm level. After 28 distillations, the resistivity can reach 16MΩ. The water resistivity of the water filter after one treatment has reached 18.25MΩ.cm, and the two are immediately superior.

3. water filter vs water distiller-Cost

The cost of water production includes the purchase cost and the use cost, and the use cost includes the water cost, the electricity cost and the maintenance cost of the consumables.

In terms of purchase cost, the price of a water distiller ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan according to the configuration of the machine, and the price of a water filter depends on the configuration. Imported equipment is more expensive, so The water distiller has an advantage in terms of purchase cost.
In terms of use, the cost of water filter is much less than that of water distiller. For details, please refer to the analysis and comparison of operation and maintenance cost of water distiller and water filter.

4. Water distiller vs water filter-Use and maintenance

In the process of daily use, the water distiller needs to be watched by a special person to prevent the occurrence of azeotrope; while the water filter is generally fully automatic water inflow, no azeotrope phenomenon, no special person on duty, safer and more reliable.

Water distiller vs water filter in terms of maintenance, the water distiller is prone to problems such as dry burning and scaling, which is difficult to clean; the water filter is not easy to be damaged, but the filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, ultra-purification column and other consumables need to be replaced regularly.

water distiller vs water filter

water distiller vs water filter specifications comparison

  water distiller water filter
Water quality unable to effectively remove various impurities Sterile, pyrogen-free, ultra-low TOC
Resistivity can not reach the megohm level 18.25MΩ/CM
Water production capacity 5-20L/H 5-100L/H
Convenience The speed of water production is slow, and there is a hidden danger of untimely water supply Take it as you use it, and make water in time
Water consumption ratio 1:3 (concentrated water) 1:18 (cooling + discharge)
Electric power 4000-20000W 20-120W, saving more than 99% of electricity bills
Automation Need special care, there is azeotrope Automatic water production, safer and more reliable. No azeotrope.
Maintenance difficulty Easy to dry burn, easy to scale, difficult to clean, high operating cost, easy to interrupt use Automatic cleaning function, unique design for easy maintenance; low operating cost

To sum up,water distiller vs water filter,if used in the laboratory, if you only do a few experiments occasionally and do not have high water quality requirements, you can buy a water distiller, and if you have a large water consumption or high water quality requirements, the water filter is your best choice, no need to think about the water distiller again.