no water coming out of reverse osmosis system

Nowadays the water purifier has become an indispensable water purification equipment for a lot of families especially the reverse osmosis system. It can help us solve the problem of family tap water pollution and ensure the clean and hygienic drinking water for us and our family. But, they also encounter various problems during use, such as there is no water coming out of reverse osmosis system, which will bring us a lot inconvenient. So what should I do if reverse osmosis system no water coming out? Today, I will introduce you to the common reasons why no water coming out of reverse osmosis system.

Why Is There No Water Coming Out of My Reverse Osmosis System?

reverse osmosis system no water coming out


There are generally 5 reasons for no water coming out of reverse osmosis system

1. The Power Supply of the Reverse Osmosis System Is Damaged.

Including the damage of the power supply line and the unstable or dropped power plug, observe whether the indicator light of the reverse osmosis system has an indication, and if not, focus on checking the aforementioned problems.

2. The Water Inlet Solenoid Valve or Low Pressure Switch Is Damaged.

The indicator light of the reverse osmosis system is on, and it shows water shortage. At this time, focus on checking the water inlet solenoid valve. Under normal use, the possibility of damage to the water inlet tee can be directly ruled out. Most of the reasons are that the water inlet solenoid valve is broken. It is also possible that the low-pressure switch is damaged. The low-pressure switch is closed for a long time when there is water, the water pressure is constantly fluctuating, and the pressure on the low-pressure switch is constantly changing. , it will show water shortage.

3. Water Leakage or Filter Element Blockage.

If the indicator light of the reverse osmosis system is on and the maintenance is displayed. Maybe the reverse osmosis system is leaking or the environment is too humid, the water leakage protection module is activated, check the cause and fix it. The filter element of the reverse osmosis system is blocked, which is one of the most common faults of the reverse osmosis water purifier, which makes the water purifier work for a long time. At present, the continuous working time of reverse osmosis systems on the market is 4-6 hours.

4. RO Membrane Clogging.

Some users use the reverse osmosis membrane for too long, some even have used it for more than 2 years or longer. The RO membrane will gradually be blocked, and the water production will become smaller and smaller. The RO membrane needs to be replaced every year or so. Generally, the reverse osmosis system needs to discharge waste water. Some users may see the waste water discharged and feel that it is a waste, and take measures to block the discharge of waste water or reduce the discharge of waste water. Such behavior will lead to no water coming out of reverse osmosis system.

5. The Pump Boost Pressure Is Small.

Low pump pressure generally occurs in reverse osmosis water purifiers with a service life of more than two years, or water purifiers that have been in working condition for a long time. The water making principle of the pure water machine is to pressurize the pump to the appropriate pressure required for the water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane.

These are probably the main reasons for no water coming out of reverse osmosis system. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the tap water is stopped, whether the faucet is broken, whether the water temperature is very low, and the water production speed of the RO membrane is also closely related to the temperature.

How to Deal With the Problem of Reverse Osmosis No Water Coming Out?

The maintenance of reverse osmosis no water coming out is relatively simple. As long as you carefully analyze and find the cause of the problem, it is easy to maintain. Of course, the premise is that you need to replace it with corresponding accessories. Here are 4 ways for you to follow:

1. Check for Clogged Filters or Membranes, Replace if Necessary.

Start by turning off the RO system. Remove and inspect the pre-filter and post-filter for any debris or sediment. If clogged, clean or replace them as needed. Similarly, examine the RO membrane and replace it if it's old or damaged. Regular filter and membrane maintenance are crucial for efficient water flow.

2. Inspect Water Pressure, Adjust or Replace Pump if Low.

Low water pressure can hinder RO performance. Verify that the water pressure going into the system meets the manufacturer's requirements. If it's too low, consider installing a booster pump to increase pressure for better water production.

3. Ensure Proper Tubing Connections, Fix Any Leaks.

Leaks in the tubing can result in low or no water output. Carefully inspect all connections, including fittings, valves, and tubing. Tighten or replace any components that show signs of wear or leakage to maintain a sealed system.

4. Clean or Descale the RO System Regularly for Optimal Performance.

Over time, mineral deposits and scale can build up in the RO membrane and other components, reducing water flow. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and descaling the system. Typically, this involves using a compatible cleaning solution to remove scale and buildup, restoring optimal performance. Regular maintenance helps prevent blockages and ensures a steady flow of purified water.

In conclusion, when faced with the issue of no water coming out of a reverse osmosis system, it's important to identify the root cause. Common reasons include electrical problems, damaged components, leaks, clogged filters or membranes, and insufficient pump pressure. Fortunately, addressing these issues is relatively straightforward. Regular maintenance, including filter and membrane replacement, checking water pressure, fixing leaks, and descaling, is essential to ensure a consistent supply of purified water from the reverse osmosis system. Proper troubleshooting and maintenance can help maintain clean and safe drinking water for your family.

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