best water filter for rental apartments

Do renters need a water filter?

Taking the most basic drinking water needs of normal people as an example, many people find that the water in rental apartments is not suitable for drinking after moving in. It is obviously inappropriate to change the house for this, but they cannot drink it.

Many people feel that there is no need for one person to be so particular, one person is full and the whole family is not hungry, so the so-called water filter is not necessary at all. Thinking like this, I just bury the grass snake gray thread for my own health. Regardless of whether you rent a house or not, healthy water is a basic demand. And when you are alone, you must be more concerned about your health, otherwise you will not even be able to take care of others if you are sick.

 If there is a problem with drinking water every day, the hidden health hazards are often subtle and difficult to detect. When they are discovered, the consequences are likely to be serious.

However, renters do have problems with water filters that cannot be avoided: one is limited space; the other is limited capital budget; and the other is the trouble of frequent moving.

What kind of water filter is best for this situation in rental apartments?

How should I choose a water filter best for rental apartments?

 In view of the above three situations, the criteria for choosing a water filter are already obvious: that is-moderate price, small size and easy to move and transport! Based on this, the pipeline water filter will definitely not work! Because it is not easy to move. There are currently three types of water filters suitable for mobile: water filters, faucets, water purifiers, desktop portable water purifiers (preferably heated, so that you can save money on water heating equipment and housing space).

Let’s talk about these three separately. The performance characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of a kind of water filter, see which one is right for you. (Click each pictures, and you can get a link to the product page!

best water filter for rental apartments

1. Filter kettle

Performance characteristics and advantages and disadvantages: the filter kettle is cheap, simple in structure, small in size, no need to install, and the function is to improve the taste.

Advantages: removable and free of installation. It can be used anywhere, even during work and travel. The filtering effect is acceptable. The filter element of the filter kettle is mainly composed of activated carbon and ion exchange resin, which can remove residual chlorine in the water and heavy metal pollution and scale problems. cheap price. Because of its simple structure, it is much cheaper than other water purifiers with complex functions that cost thousands of dollars. Disadvantages: The filter element has a short lifespan. Generally, it is only 1-2 months (for other types of water purifiers, the replacement cycle of the filter element is mostly 6-12 months). Filter replacement cost. The price of the filter element of the filter kettle is mostly between 30-50 yuan, and the cost is not low if it is used for a long time. The filtering performance is limited. The filtering capacity of sediment and microorganisms is relatively limited. The filtration efficiency is low. It may be a little overwhelming when using large amounts of water. Applicable scenario: The water quality in the area where you live is good, and it can basically reach the level of direct drinking. Usually, the main water purification requirement is to drink a good taste of water at any time.

2. Faucet water purifiers

The performance characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of faucet water purifiers: Faucet water purifiers refer to small water purifiers/devices directly installed on household faucets. The utility model can instantly improve the water quality, and the installation and maintenance procedures are simple and convenient.

Advantages: low cost and simple maintenance. The faucet water purifier is made of relatively low-cost and commonly used filter materials such as PP cotton, activated carbon, and compressed carbon. It is installed directly on the faucet, and is generally used in kitchen and bathroom decoration. Its maintenance is simple and the water flow is large, which can meet people's needs for large amounts of clean water such as kitchen water and washing water.

Disadvantages: The filtering effect is generally due to the low-cost filter element used. The filtering effect of the faucet water purifier is average, only removing sediment particles and part of the peculiar smell. It is generally not recommended to drink directly, and it needs to be boiled before drinking.

Applicable scenarios: Friends who like to cook and cook by themselves, the faucet water purifier can be used to wash vegetables and rice. Save electricity and water. Environmental protection and conservation.
table top reverse osmosis

 3. Desktop movable water purifier 

The performance characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the desktop movable water purifier: there is no need to connect to the complicated water pipes like the general water purifier, and there is no complicated installation circuit, which eliminates the trouble of installation. For renters, buying a multifunctional reverse osmosis water filter countertop is a good choice which is also a good water purifier for office. So what is multifunction? It not only cleans water, but also produces hot water to facilitate life. Don’t think it’s uneconomical when you see thousands of prices. Compared with medical expenses, it’s already very cheap.


  1. No need to install, easy to migrate and migrate.
  2. It can be consumed directly.
  3. The lower end of the water purifier is a water dispenser with its own heating and cooling functions. Don't worry about boiling water.
  4. Disadvantages: The price is more expensive. Applicable scenarios: The budget is relatively sufficient and I intend to enjoy high-quality rental life.

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