drinking water filter system for home

In recent years, with the continuous exposure to water pollution incidents, drinking water safety issues such as tap water pollution have repeatedly aroused strong social concern. In this condition, we need to install a drinking water filter system for home. Today, let's learn more about home home filter systems drinking water.

Why We Need A Drinking Water Filter System for Home?

drinking water filter system for home

Before we get into the topic of installing a drinking water filter system for home, let’s first figure out why we need to purify the water for residential use. It is mainly caused by these 4 types of pollution:

1. Water Source Pollution

Industrial sewage, pesticide chemical residues from agricultural production, and domestic pollutants discharged by humans and animals are all polluting our water sources.

2. Waterworks Pollution

Because of the water purification process of the waterworks, although chlorine-purified water in the production process of tap water can kill pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances, the addition of chlorine itself can cause new chemical pollution. Chlorine can form chloroform with organic matter in water, which is a carcinogen. At the same time, chlorine also destroys nutrients and can easily lead to heart disease.

3. Pollution During Tap Water Transportation

In the pipe network of tap water, long-distance pipeline transportation, old and rusty pipelines, unclean water tanks, and building reservoirs in urban high-rise buildings or non-disinfected all year round can cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution makes bacteria, viruses and algae multiply, coupled with the original chlorine and chloride, rust, heavy metals, and radioactive substances, making the water turbid, odor, and endanger health. That is an important reason why we need a drinking water filtration system for our home.

4. Secondary Water Supply Pollution

Secondary water supply refers to the form in which units or individuals store and pressurize the water supply of urban public water supply or self-built facilities, and then provide it to users or self-use through pipelines. A secondary water supply is mainly established to compensate for the lack of pressure on municipal water supply pipelines and ensure water for high-rise people living and livelihood. Whether secondary water supply facilities are built, designed, and constructed in accordance with regulations is directly related to the quality, pressure, and safety of secondary water supply, and is closely related to the normal and stable life of the people. Compared with the raw water supply, the water quality of the secondary water supply is more likely to be polluted.

4 Frequently Asked Questions on Drinking Water Filter Systems for Home

home drinking water filtration

1. We have tap city water, then why do we need home drinking water filtration?

Tap city water meets the relevant national drinking water standards when it leaves the factory, but in the transportation process, it may be "secondary pollution" due to aging pipelines, untimely cleaning of community water tanks, etc., so the tap water released by the home water valve usually contains impurities beyond everyone's imagination. Therefore, the use of a drinking water system for home can better ensure the safety and health of our drinking water.

2. Can drinking water filters for home filter out all impurities in the water?

At present, there are two mainstream water purifiers on the market, reverse osmosis drinking water filter system machines and ultrafiltration drinking water filter system machines. The reverse osmosis machine filtration accuracy can reach 0.0001 microns, producing pure water in the usual sense, which can be directly drinkable; while the filtration accuracy of the ultrafiltration machine is slightly lower, but there are also 0.01 microns-0.1 microns, which can filter out most of the impurities in the water.

3. Will the water filter for drinking water home produce "wastewater" during water purification?

RO reverse osmosis water filter whole house with high filtration accuracy will produce "wastewater" due to the need to flush the RO membrane under pressure. However, it should be noted that although it is called "wastewater", it has been filtered by PP cotton, activated carbon, and other filter elements. So its water quality is also "cleaner" than the tap water directly released from the home, and it can be collected for other purposes, flushing toilets, mopping floors, etc., without waste.

4. Is drinking purified water by the whole house drinking water filter system bad for your health?

Some people say that drinking purified pure water for a long time lacks minerals and is not conducive to human health. This claim lacks sufficient scientific basis. Because compared with any kind of food, the minerals ingested by the human body through drinking water are minimal. Eating an apple is equivalent to drinking thousands of bottles of mineral water. Moreover, water in the human body mainly helps the body transport nutrients and discharge "waste", and pure water without impurities has a greater effect. For us, clean water is the top priority.

Choosing Simpure Drinking Water Filter System for Home Means Choosing Pure and Healthy

SimPure is a sub-brand of Membrane Solutions, Inc., established in 2006 in Washington, USA. SimPure brand is dedicated to providing people around the world with high-quality products to truly purify their drinking water for home.

Simpure water purifier machine like osmosis water filter adopts multi-stage independent filtration method. After layer-by-layer filtration, the residual harmful substances in the water are removed, and the rust in the tap water, bacteria, heavy metals, other harmful substances, residual chlorine, and peculiar smell in the water can be well removed. A drinking water filter system ensures every sip you drink is pure and safe water.

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drinking water filtration system for home

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