SimPure T1-400 RO Filter Replacement Cartridge (12 Months+ Service Life)

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1. SimPure T1-400 RO filter replacement is an outstanding product that guarantees high-quality water filtration. It is designed to remove almost all impurities, heavy metals, colors, and dissolved solids from your water. By replacing your filter every 12 months, you can maintain its high-performance level, and ensure you and your family always have access to clean and safe drinking water. 

2. It's important to note that the SimPure T1-400 RO filter replacement is compatible only with the SimPure T1-400 Under Sink Tankless RO System. This ensures that the RO replacement filter will fit perfectly, and function optimally. Therefore, if you have the SimPure T1-400, you can be confident that the SimPure T1-400 RO filter replacement will provide you with the best water filtration performance. 

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