yellow water in toilet

Seeing a toilet filled with yellow water when you flush it can be an unsettling experience. If you're concerned about yellow water in toilet, you may want to determine the cause of the yellow toilet water as soon as possible. Next, the 9 most likely causes and solutions for toilet water turning yellow will be shared in this article, so read on.

Why Is My Toilet Water Yellow?-9 Causes

yellow water in toilet

Yellow water in toilet can be a common issue in many households, but there are several reasons why is the water in my toilet yellow. In the following paragraphs, we'll explore the 9 various causes of toilet water turning yellow.

1. Rusty Toilet Pipes Cause the Toilet Water to Turn Yellow

Rusted plumbing in the water system can be a common cause of yellowing toilet water in many homes. Toilet pipes made of iron can corrode over time, turning the water dark brown, red, or yellow.

2. Rusty Bolts in Toilet Tank Can Cause Yellow Water in Toilet

If a rusty toilet pipe isn't the culprit, the problem may lie in the toilet tank itself. Toilet tanks are usually held together by iron bolts, and due to constant contact with water, they are prone to rust. Suppose the toilet water suddenly turns yellow. In that case, the reason could be those corroded tank bolts.

3. Calcium Accumulation Causes Toilet Water Yellow Brown

Toilet well water contains different minerals, and calcium buildup is the most likely cause of the yellowish color of the water in the toilet. Calcium and magnesium are not dangerous in small amounts, but when combined with rust, they can build up in your toilet tank and pipes, causing the water to turn yellow over time.

4. Tannins in Water Cause Yellow Water in Toilet and Sink

Tannins are natural substances most commonly found in well water. They give the water a musty smell and a yellow-orange tea color. If your toilet water is dark yellow and has a musty smell, your water may contain tannins. For more questions about tannic acid removal, you can click: how to remove tannins from water?

5. Bacteria or Algae Growth Will Make Yellow Toilet Cistern

Bacterial or algae growth in the toilet can be another significant cause of yellow stains. You're unlikely to find bacteria or algae in municipal water, but well water can contain these contaminants. Certain types of algae are yellow-green in color and have a sticky texture. Algae growth is most common in toilet tanks.

6. Sewer Sewage Causes Toilet Water to Turn Yellow

In rare cases, wastewater from the sewer can find its way into your toilet. It inevitably leads to pollution and may produce yellow or brown water with an unpleasant intrusive odor.

7. Standing Water Causes Yellow Water in Toilet After Flushing

After returning from vacation, you may notice that your toilet water is an unusual yellow color because your toilet hasn't been used or flushed in a few days. Standing water in toilets can turn yellow due to dust, bacteria buildup, and chlorine residue.

8. Municipal Water Repairs Cause Yellow Water Toilet

Why is my toilet water yellow all of a sudden? The water in your local municipality may turn yellow while repair work is being carried out. Municipalities often shut off water supplies for repair work and turn them back on when they're done. The sudden influx of water stirs up dirt particles that have accumulated in the supply pipes, transporting them to your faucets and toilet tank. These can turn your toilet water yellow. All we have to do is wait for the maintenance or repair to be completed.

9. Well Water Will Also Cause Toilet Water Yellow

Well water can contain high levels of iron, which, when present in high amounts can cause yellow discoloration in toilet water. The iron mixes with the water and causes the yellowish-brown tint. While iron is not harmful to consume, it can cause staining and alter the taste and odor of the water.

How to Gid Rid of Yellow Water in Toilet?

Now that you know the common causes of why is the water in my toilet yellow, you may be wondering how to fix it. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem. Here are five tips to help you get rid of the yellow water in toilet tank and restore its clear appearance.

1. Replace the Toilet Hose or Bolts

If you find old, rusted pipes, you can improve the yellowing of your toilet water by replacing them. The caveat is that if you don't replace them for a long time, eventually they will most likely burst.

2. Install an Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

remove yellow water in toilet

Installing an under sink reverse osmosis (RO) system water filter in the inlet of tap water can prevent yellow water in your toilet, which can filter hard water, impurities, sediment, and peculiar smell in tap water, and make the water clearer and more transparent. If your toilet water contains metal elements such as iron and manganese, you can consider installing an under sink reverse osmosis water filter to remove these elements and prevent the water from turning yellow.

3. Install a Water Softener

Water softeners filter out naturally hardening minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Keeps toilet water clear and clean by preventing scale and dirt from building up inside the toilet bowl and pipes.

4. Clean and Maintain the Toilet Regularly

Yellow stains won't build up in water if you keep cleaning and maintaining them. As for maintenance, rusted or corroded parts in the toilet need to be replaced frequently. If your toilet is very old, you may need to replace the entire toilet.

5. Use a Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Bleach

Another short-term solution is to use toilet bowl cleaner or bleach to remove stains or mineral deposits, leaving away the problem of my toilet bowl is stained yellow. You can buy a commercial cleaner and leave it in the toilet overnight for a deep clean without much effort on your part.

To be concluded, the answer to question of why is my toilet water yellow may lie in the above reasons. The best way to solve the yellow water in toilet is to find the exact cause to different situations. Among the ways we recommended, it is strongly recommended to install a water treatment system like an under sink reverse osmosis filter or water softener to effectively solve the problem of toilet water turning yellow from the source.

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