reverse osmosis system running slow
If there is a reverse osmosis system in your family, sometimes you may wonder why is my ro system so slow.Reverse osmosis system water purifier, commonly known as "pure water machine",is a type of water purifier used in many households for direct drinking. Anyone who has used reverse osmosis system knows that this type of water purifier has high filtration accuracy. It can be directly consumed without heating,which is very convenient.But the disadvantage is that the reverse osmosis system sometimes has a small amount of water flow and running so slow, it takes a long time to fill up a cup of water. In many cases, reverse osmosis system running slow cause trouble for many people.So why is my reverse osmosis system slow?

Reasons why is my reverse osmosis system slow

The flow rate of the water produced by the reverse osmosis system is not as large as that of the ultrafiltration machine,but if the water production rate slows down due to the machine,it will affect the use of the water purifier even more. Faced with the slow flow of water production in reverse osmosis system, many people attribute the problem to the clogging of the RO membrane,which means that the filter element needs to be replaced. Is it actually true?
ro system running so slow

1.Clogged filter element cause reverse osmosis slow

If RO reverse osmosis system running slow. The first consideration is that the filter element of the pure water machine has been used for a long time, but the filter element clogging caused by the regular replacement of the filter element consumables will cause water blockage and the water flow will become smaller and smaller. In some places, the quality of tap water is not good. If there is maintenance of pipelines, floods, etc., the filter element will easily become clogged. In some rural areas, groundwater is used as the water source of the reverse osmosis water purifier. The damage to the filter element will also be great, which will block the filter element membrane and cause reverse osmosis slow.

2.Clogged membrane result in reverse osmosis slow flow 

The membrane of the reverse osmosis system has been used for too long,such as two years, three years, or longer without changing the pre-filter element. Poor quality of the raw water caused the blockage of the concentrated water solenoid valve or the flushing combination valve, and the quality of the membrane itself Poor and other reasons will cause membrane blockage, which affects the pure water mechanism and slows down the reverse osmosis water flow.

3.Malfunctioning transformer causes reverse osmosis slow flow

If the transformer fails to provide the voltage required for the normal boost of the pump, the speed will slow down, the increased pressure will be small, and the boost will be small, and the pressure required for tap water to pass through the RO membrane will not be reached. In this case, ro water coming out slow.

why is my reverse osmosis so slow

4.The booster pump is aging and the booster pressure of the pump is small

Generally, it appears in reverse osmosis system with a service life of more than two years, or pure water purifiers that have been working for a long time. The pump loses pressure, which is generally not easy to be found, but the direct manifestation is that the membrane has little or no water and cause a slow ro.

5.The water inlet solenoid valve is out of order or blocked

If the pure water and concentrated water of the reverse osmosis are very small, after removing the clogging of the filter element, you can consider changing the water inlet solenoid valve to see if it is blocked.

6.Low temperature cause the ro system running slow

The water production rate of reverse osmosis system has a great relationship with temperature, the hottest temperature is not more than 40 degrees, and the minimum is not less than 5 degrees. Generally, the best temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, and the water production will decrease by 3% every time it is lowered by one degree. The drop in water temperature will slow down the viscosity and fluidity of the water. Therefore, the water production speed in winter is much slower than in summer, and it is generally reduced by half or even more.
why is my reverse osmosis slow

7.Blockage of Post-active cotton cause the reverse osmosis slow

There is a situation, if you suddenly replace the new rear activated carbon, because the toner is too much, it will not be washed away, which will also cause the reverse osmosis system slow. Therefore, the general granular activated carbon filter element should not be filled too full (not for cutting corners), and filling space should be reserved. On the one hand, the water flow is ensured, and on the other hand, the activated carbon itself also has an expansion coefficient.

8.Low tap water pressure result in the slow running of ro system

The applicable water pressure of the water purifier is 0.1Mpa-0.35Mpa. Within this range, the higher the water pressure, the greater the water output; on the contrary, the lower the water pressure, the smaller the water output.

what we can do to avoid the reverse osmosis system running slow

According to the reasons above, when using reverse osmosis water purifiers, we must develop a good habit of replacing the filter element regularly. The cost of replacing the filter element is generally not very high. The regular reverse osmosis water purifier manufacturer will not charge the filter element indiscriminately. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the cold and frost protection of the reverse osmosis system, especially for users in rural areas. Sometimes there is a risk of freezing the filter bottle, membrane shell, and outlet of the concentrated water pipeline in winter.