what does negative ion do in air purifier

What Does Negative Ion Do In Air Purifier

Do you knaow What Does Negative Ion Do In Air Purifier?It is very difficult to control indoor pollution. When will air pollution stop? This should be the answer we most eager to know when we are tortured by the haze. But do you know that in our "haze harbor" indoors, not only is the concentration of negative ions severely lacking, it has also been "conquered" by various pollutants. The World Health Organization determines the amount of negative ions as an important standard for whether the air is crystallized. Therefore, to control indoor pollution, negative ions can be of great help.

Indoor air pollution is serious and human health risks frequently occur

Indoor air pollution refers to a phenomenon in which substances harmful to human health exist in the air in a closed space, and the concentration has exceeded the national standard, reaching a level that can harm human health. With the modernization of production and lifestyle, more work, entertainment, and sports activities are carried out indoors, and shopping can also be solved through the Internet. In this state, people's indoor activity time has increased significantly, even as high as 93%. Therefore, the quality of indoor air is closely related to human health.

Environmental protection workers remind that the degree of indoor air pollution is often 2 to 3 times more serious than outdoor air pollution, and in some cases it can even reach 100 times. It contains more than 300 pollutants, and 68% of human diseases are related to these pollutants. And because the room is closed, these pollution will continue to accumulate. Exhaust gas, PM2.5, kitchen oil fume, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc., which are exhaled by humans, have seriously endangered people's health under long-term accumulation, and indoor air pollution control is imperative.

Negative ion air purifier helps you control pollution and usher in health

WHO stipulates that when the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is 1000-1500 cm, it is clean air. And the negative ion air purifier which is the best air purifier for medical office is to realize the creation of clean air by releasing the purification factor negative ions. The ecological anion air purifier, which adopts ecological anion generation chip technology and nano-fullerene anion release technology, can release a large dose, high activity, and small particle size of ecological-grade negative oxygen ions.


negative ion air purifier

"The Application of Air Anions in Health Care and Environmental Protection" mentioned: Eco-grade anions can interact with pollutants in the air, compound, diffuse and affect the transformation of pollutants, or act as a catalyst to change traces in the chemical process. To measure the toxicity of the gas. It also has an obvious sedimentation removal effect for fine dust as small as 0.01 microns, which is difficult to remove industrially. In an environment with a high content of ecological negative ions, fine dust and floating particles with a diameter of less than 1 micron are almost equal to zero.

The ecological negative ion air purifier overcomes the shortcomings of traditional negative ion air purifiers that generate large-size negative ions and are prone to secondary pollution. At the same time, it achieves ultra-fine purification, and has passed the effect verification of the national first-level authority. It can efficiently purify indoor air pollutants and create a forest oxygen bar environment of "clean air + negative oxygen ions = healthy air".