how do i know if my air purifier is working

Air purifiers can effectively purify the air in our room, but their purifying effect is difficult to feel directly, so it is not so easy to tell if your air purifier is working properly. The dust particles absorbed by the air purifier are invisible, so we cannot directly see if your air purifier is working. Then you may ask: How do I know if my air purifier is working? If you want to know how to tell if your air purifier is working, this article lists a few simple ways to test if your air purifier is working or not.

5 Signs to Know Your Air Purifier Is Working

how to tell if an air purifier is working

1. Confirm Proper Indicator Lights

This is the most intuitive way to tell if my air purifier is working. All air purifiers have indicator lights. Whether the indicator light flashes normally or not directly indicates if the air purifier is working normally. If the indicator light is on or green, it means that there is a problem with the air purifier that needs to be solved. The indicator lights of different air purifiers may have different functions, but for most air purifiers, if the indicator light is green, it means that the air purifier is working properly.

2. Check Airflow and Circulation

Checking the airflow of the air purifier can also tell you if the air purifier is working or not. If you turn on your purifier and notice that no air is coming out of the vents, or that the air isn't circulating like it used to, it's not doing what it should. So you can also check the air inlet and outlet of the air purifier to see if there are dust impurities blocking the airflow. If there is dust, clean the vents with a cloth or soft brush. If this still doesn't solve the problem, check if the fan is working. Fans play a very central role in the air purification process. It sucks polluted air in from the room and directs it to a filter, which then picks up dust and other particulate matter.

3. Check the Air Purifier Filter

The normal operation of the air purifier is closely related to the state of the filter.So you can tell if your air purifier is working through the filter. You can open the air purifier to check the filter to see if it is dirty or clean. If the air purifier has been working for a few days and the filter is still clean, it is not working. However, if the filter is saturated with dust impurities, the filter will be blocked, and the dirt will hinder the work of the unit. When your air purifier's filter isn't working properly, it's time to clean and wash or replace the filter.

how do you know if your air purifier is working

4. Test Air Quality Improvements

An effective air purifier should visibly reduce dust, allergens, and pollutants, leading to improved air quality. Most air purifiers have a built-in air quality monitor, which helps optimize the air purifier's airflow to effectively clean the air. But it doesn't accurately display air quality, so it doesn't help measure the unit's performance. The best way to test if an air purifier is working is to test it with an independent indoor air quality monitor. These devices will provide real-time analysis of the air quality in your home so you can accurately measure how your air purifier is working.

5. Assess Odor Reduction Consistently

Efficient air purifiers significantly reduce unpleasant odors. If persistent smells linger, it might signal a problem with the purifier's ability to capture and neutralize airborne particles. Regularly assess whether the device is effectively eliminating the targeted odors in your space.

In conclusion, air purifiers are electronic devices that filter the toxic and dirty air around us, especially in our homes. However, air purifiers may stop working or work abnormally for a number of reasons. Usually, the cause of such a problem is a blockage problem or a malfunction of the air purifier itself. But in order to be able to solve the problem effectively, we must find the root of the problem. Hope the inspection methods mentioned in this article can be helpful to you, so that you can accurately tell and know if your air purifier is working.

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