can air purifier kill COVID-19

At the beginning of the epidemic, many people were particularly concerned about a question, that is, can an air purifier kill or remove COVID 19? The answer is "not necessarily" according to the Experts' explanation for the question of "can air purifiers filter the COVID 19". Some air purifiers can kill bacteria and purify the air by themselves, so everyone is also very concerned about whether it work for COVID 19. Let's briefly talk about whether the air purifier can kill the COVID 19 from three points.

does air purifiers work for COVID-19

1. Air purifier cannot completely kill the COVID 19

First of all, we must understand that in the case of no clear virus pollution in the room, there is no need for air disinfection. It is important to strengthen ventilation to ensure that the room is well ventilated and fresh. When the outdoor air quality is good, we only need to ventilate for about 30 minutes in the morning and evening; when the outdoor air quality is poor, the ventilation frequency and time can be appropriately reduced. At this time, the air purifier can filter adsorption, static electricity , photocatalytic, plasma removal of particulate matter, gaseous pollutants and microorganisms in the air. The general air purifier standard should have a removal rate of not less than 50% of microorganisms. This is the entry threshold for air purifiers,the general requirements for air purifiers are not high.There is still microbial in the air even if the air purifier is turned on. Therefore, most air purifiers cannot completely remove and kill the coronavirus.

2. Air purifier can reduce the spread of COVID 19 through the air

Since ordinary air purifiers cannot kill the COVID 19 virus, does it mean that the air purifier doesn't work for the COVID 19 at all? The answer is of course not, air purifiers have practical significance for improving indoor air quality. In fact, the place where people get most harmed by polluted air is not outdoors, but indoors. Especially for most people living in cities, more than 80% of their work and life are indoors. The quality of indoor air quality direct impact their health. According to relevant reports, indoor air pollution is more than 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution in poorly ventilated residences, and the total number of diseases caused by indoor environmental pollution is more than 5 times that of outdoor air pollution. Therefore, the purification of indoor polluted air should be as important as the treatment of outdoor polluted air. Air purifiers have become an indispensable part of people's lives, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women and other people are more sensitive to the air and are easily affected by air and cause respiratory diseases, and air purifiers can greatly reduce these susceptible groups from contracting airborne diseases. probability. During the epidemic, they stay indoors for a long time and have high requirements for indoor air. They can choose suitable air purifiers according to their budget, indoor space size, type of pollutants in the living environment, pollution degree, tolerance to noise, etc.

3. Is there an air purifier that can filter the COVID 19?

The answer is yes, but is generally custom-made medical-grade air purifier. The COVID 19 is mainly transmitted in the air through droplets and aerosols. HEPA high-efficiency ultraviolet disinfection air purifiers with H12 and above levels can filter aerosols and droplets with viruses in the air. However, simple physical filtration will leave pollutants on the filter screen, causing secondary pollution. Therefore, an antibacterial coating should also be attached to the high-efficiency HEPA filter, which can effectively inhibit the breeding and reproduction of microorganisms and protect against pathogenic microorganisms and viruses.

does an air purifier kill COVID-19
In conclusion, we cannot expect to rely on air purifiers to eliminate the COVID 19. Air purifiers are mainly suitable for pollutants in the air. Most of its product standards do not require the killing rate of viruses or other pathogenic microorganisms, so general air purifiers cannot kill viruses. Ventilation is the most important thing to effectively prevent the spread of COVID 19. The coronavirus can stay in closed spaces. Although the larger droplets will quickly fall to the ground, the smaller droplets and aerosols containing the coronavirus may be in the air. Suspended in indoor air for a period of time, especially if there is no ventilation.