water filter straws
water filter straw 4 pack
water filter straw
water filter straw 4 pack
water filter straw

Water Filter Straws (4 Pack)

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Maybe the most essential part of your kit when you spend time in the outdoors anywhere on the planet, this water filter straw is small enough to fit in your pocket or emergency kit and ensures that as long as you’re near water - lakes, streams, rainwater puddles, muddy bogs - you can stay hydrated. 

Use it just like a straw. When you’re done, blow out to clean the filter. It’s as easy as it gets.

For the technically inclined, this features five-stage filtration, or ultrafiltration,  even chemicals like chlorine get caught by the filter. It’s like a large home water filter, but it fits in your back pocket. 

If you travel in your own country or abroad, if you’re a road tripping family, if you like to get lost, this water filter straw is one of the tools that will help keep you and your family safe.

SKU: OESF002Z_4S8 
water filter straws 4 pack

Water Filter Straws (4 Pack) Specifications

Brand: Simpure

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 1 x 1 inches

Product name: outdoors portable water straw

Filter technique: hollow fiber

Filter precision: 0.01 microns

Effluent water: 1000L/day

Enter Water Pressure: 0-0.2MPa

usable range: all outdoors activities, and places where water quality affected by the local natural disasters

Usage: put the bottom of the water straw into the water, sip from the mouthpiece. blow regular from the mouthpiece after use, to maintain the filter clean, prevent the jam at the same time.

Effluent quality: drinking water

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