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GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter Element Replacement Cartridge(1 Pack)


Membrane Solutions®️

Efeective GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter are usually used as pre-filter cartridge of water filtration systems. It can effectively remove chlorine, organic chemicals, suspended particles, tastes, and odors to deliver clean, filtered water in your home.

Safe Material Activated Carbon Filter element

Simpure Granular Activated Carbon Filter element is made of highly porous coconut shell carbon with high adsorption capacity, adsorbs contaminants without leaving any negative effects on your water supply.

Easy Installtion

Every Simpure GAC filter cartridge is drop-in designed and individually wrapped for quick and easy installation. Simpure water filters provide you with clean water whether for drinking, cooking, showering, aquarium, garden, etc.

Universal replacement Filter

Industry standard 10”*2.5”, compatible with most all 10”*2.5” 5-micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Water Filter, fits for most under sink filtration, RO/DI filtration system,10” standard whole house filtration system or any type of water filtration unit with 10" housing.

granular activated carbon filter

GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter Specifications

Brand: Simpure

Micron rating: 5 Micron

Size: 10” x 2.5”

Max. Pressure: 80 psi

Max Temperature: 104°F (40°C)

Material: Premium Quality Coconut Shell Carbon

Lifetime: Replace the cartridge every six months

Suitable For: Commercial, Household

Filtration Method: Carbon/Charcoal

Number in Pack: 1

Compatible Model: For Aqua Optima Evolve, For Brita Maxtra+, For Samsung Aquarius

Contaminant Removal: Sediment

Color: White

Customer Support For Activated Carbon Filter Element

SimPure®️ offers support over the lifetime of this activated carbon filter element! You can purchase with confidence knowing that we have your back if any issues occur.

Secure Payment For GAC Filter

All SimPure®️ gac filters come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Simple Returns

You can return your undamaged product and packaging within 30 days of purchase to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason. Under certain circumstances, you may be required to pay the shipping cost for your return.