ShowerSoft Shower Head Filter (15-Stage) - Chrome For Hard Water | Vitamin C Shower softener High Output | Universal Filter


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  • Easy Installation 15 stage shower filter
  • Healthy and Safer shower filter for hard water
  • Widely compatible shower filter

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shower head filter for hard water

Easy Installation | 15 Stage Shower Water Filter

  • This is a easy installated 15 stage shower filter for hard water. No professional tools are needed, just put an o-ring on both sides of the filter and twist to install. Don't forget to flush before first use, and wrap with tape on connector makes it tighter. Simply wrap your 15 stage shower filter with teflon thread to ensure a watertight seal and your shower head with filter is ready to remove chlorine, fluoride and other harmful substances with the 15-stage filtration system.
shower filter for hard water

Healthy & Safe Shower Filter for Hard Water

The 15 stage shower filter for hard water removes odors, large and small contaminants, chlorine and heavy metals and even adds vitamin c and other beneficial minerals to your water. Make you shower healthy & safe & enjoyabe.

15 stage shower filter

Compatible Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

  • The high output shower head filter for hard water is universally compatible, so attach it to whatever type of shower head you have and keep that contaminated water off your skin. It also doesn’t impact your water pressure like other shower head filters do.
  • For a family of four, replace the 15 stage shower water filter every six months or up to 16,000 gallons to keep the quality of your filtration high.
shower head filter for hard water

Specs of the Shower Head Filter for Hard Water

ModelShower Head Filter Cartridge Kit
Shower Head Filter Connector1/2" Thread
Shower Head Filter Filtration15 stage
CompatibilityRain, Handheld, Fixed Shower, Universal
Features 1Removes Chlorine & Sediments
Features 2Removes Unpleasant Smells
Features 3Improves Condition of Hair and Skin 
Features 4Universal Fit, 2 Cartridge Filters Included

Why Choose this Shower Head Filter for Hard Water?

This shower filter for hard water works with your existing handheld shower head - no tools or special pipes required. Simply unscrew your existing shower stand and screw on your shower filter. Reconnect your shower head, then jump into the shower booth and experience the softest spa-quality shower you deserve.

Using scenes of shower Filter For Hard Water

Frequently asked questions about 15 Stage Shower Filter

shower filter for hard water

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