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Hiking Water Purification System-Hiking water purifier type

(1) Kettle or squeeze
This hiking water purifier looks like an ordinary kettle. When using, put the water to be purified into the kettle. With the help of the air pressure generated by the airbag/pot body, the water in the kettle will flow through the filter element with water purification function, and the bacteria in the water will be suspended. The pollutants and other harmful substances are removed, and the safe drinking water that can be directly drunk comes out from the water outlet of the water purifier.
(2) Pump o piston type
With reciprocating motion of the hand-pushing piston, the rainwater, stream water and other natural water that need to be purified are pumped into the water purifier. In the water filter element, harmful substances such as bacteria and suspended pollutants in the water are filtered, and clean safe drinking water flows out continuously from the water outlet.
(3) Pen style
Pen-type hiking water purifiers generally require batteries.
(4) Gravity leakage
Gravity leakage hiking water purifiers generally use ceramic filter elements as the main water purification technology. Suitable for multiple people.

Simpure hiking water purification system include

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