air purifiers for smoke

For the non-smokers we usually use air purifiers to protect do air purifiers work for smoke?Speaking of smoking, the feeling it relats to varies from one to another. For old smokers who deeply enjoy smoking, it can relieve stress, but for non-smokers, smoking by people around will not only make the surrounding smoke and the air becomes quiet dirty,a pungent smell leads to bad mood, also have an immeasurable effect on health.
γ€€γ€€ The World Health Organization survey report shows that smoking can cause asthma, pneumonia, high blood pressure, heart disease and even reproductive dysplasia, but what is unexpected is that secondhand smoke is actually more harmful.

air purifiers for smoke
Second-hand smoke includes smoke that smokers breathe out after inhaling the lungs. This part of the smoke is produced after the cigarette is fully burned, and part of the smoke is produced by the incomplete combustion of the cigarette when the cigarette is not inhaled. Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 known chemical substances, including 69 carcinogens.
γ€€γ€€ The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization defines second-hand smoke as a type of carcinogen, which clearly shows that second-hand smoke can cause cancer to the human body. For pregnant women, smoking in the first trimester will increase the risk of maxillofacial clefts in their children, and second-hand smoke will greatly increase the risk of stillbirth. In short, smoking is both harmful and unhelpful to others. After realizing this, comprehensive management and control begun in a national scale.
With the vigorous implementation of smoking bans, many country has included outdoor public spaces as "smoke-free places", preventing smokers from smoking in public places. So they can only enjoy mouth addiction at home, and their favorite family members become the ultimate victims. As a result, air purifiers were taken into consideration by many smokers. But can an air purifier purify secondhand smoke?
The answer is yes. Second-hand smoke is an organic gas. It contains a lot of solid particles. For most purifiers that use HEPA filters, it can be thoroughly filtered by air purifiers. Not only that, but also the odors emitted by second-hand smoke. It can be adsorbed in time by the activated carbon in the purifier. If you smoke next to the air purifier, the smoke will not diffuse and linger in the room.
Here are 2 key points for purchasing a desktop air purifier.

air purifiers for smoke
1. How to judge the purification efficiency? Purification efficiency is determined by the design of fans and air ducts. Because these two points are difficult for consumers to judge, the state requires businesses to mark CADR values. The unit of CADR is mΒ³/h, it means how much air can be purified per unit time. The higher the CADR value in the same space, the greater the purification efficiency. So what CADR value air purifier is suitable for the office? If you want good results, don't choose an air purifier with a too small CADR value. Many brands seek to make the purifier exquisite and compact, so the air purifier CADR value is basically below 50, and the purification efficiency is low. It is recommended to choose a CADR value of about 80mΒ³/h. Merchants often mark the CADR value for the highest-grade wind speed. Daily use will not use the highest-grade wind speed for a long time. Therefore, choose a larger CADR value to ensure a larger air volume output when running in the middle and low gears.
2. The filter element is the core of the air purifier, usually composed of a primary filter + HEPA filter layer + activated carbon. The primary filter is to intercept large hair particles, and the HEPA filter filters fine particles over PM2.5 and 0.3 microns. The activated carbon layer absorbs formaldehyde and peculiar smell. Different levels of HEPA filter have different purification efficiency. Most purifiers on the market use H11, H12, H13, H14, etc. The single purification efficiency is 95%, 99.5%, 99.95%, and 99.995%. The higher the HEPA filter level Higher, the better the purification efficiency. Therefore, among the air purifiers with the same price and CADR value, choose an air purifier with a high filter element level.

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