air purifier for smog

The impact of smog on us is still very large, and being in a haze environment for a long time will have a great impact on our health. The emergence of smog air purifiers has effectively helped us solve this problem. Equipping a air purifier for smog at home can effectively avoid the harm of smog. But haze air purifiers are not popular in many places, and everyone does not know much about haze air purifiers. The following editor will introduce you to the advantages of vague haze air purifiers. If you are to purify haze air If you are interested, you can learn about the advantages of haze air purifiers through this article.

air purifier for smog

The haze purifier has become a powerful "weapon" to deal with the haze weather. Haze purifier refers to a product that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants and effectively improve air cleanliness. Like the heavy haze weather that frequently strikes now, high-end and elite haze purifiers are the objects people demand. For example,haze purifiers use advanced system technology and use the form of needles and holes to produce a large amount of Negative ions, ozone and high-voltage electrostatic fields, these negative ions released by the purifier body diffuse into the air, can envelop and decompose harmful substances such as planktonic molds, viruses, and effectively purify the bacteria in the air which is perfect air purifier for bedroom. While removing PM2.5 pollution particles, it also creates a clean ground for the surrounding environment.

The haze purifier is also equipped with an electrostatic dust removal system, which adopts high-voltage electrostatic dust attachment technology to form an electrostatic field in the dust collection assembly area. When the air containing dust passes through the area, the dust is charged and is attracted to the negative electrode under the action of the electrostatic field. The board is equipped with a cold catalyst filter layer to efficiently adsorb dust. Through testing, it can produce 200,000-400,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter when running for 15 minutes under static state, and 1.2-1.4 million negative ions per cubic centimeter under strong conditions.

smog air purifier

The advantages of the purifier are calculated based on the single filtration rate. The filtration effect of the HEPA high-efficiency particulate filter of the haze purifier is much higher than that of the general utra HEPA air purifier! It can filter as small as 0.009 microns and extremely penetrating air suspension The filtration rate of particles is as high as 99.99%. It is widely used in hospitals, laboratories and precision instrument production workshops with strict air quality requirements. The haze purifier HEPA high-efficiency particle filter can filter particles in the air with a minimum diameter of 0.009 microns. It can filter 86 kinds of substances harmful to the human body, including viruses and bacteria, with excellent performance.

Indoor noise higher than 45 decibels will affect your life, cause headaches, cardiovascular diseases and other problems. The Austen air purifier adopts the only fanless design in the world, and uses ion wind to automatically drive air circulation to achieve silent work, "clean" and "quiet", so that you can completely avoid noise troubles! γ€€γ€€

Haze air purifier is easy to use NS? The above article has given you a detailed answer. When we buy haze air purifiers, it is best to choose some well-known brands, so as to ensure our use effect. There are also many types of haze air purifiers. We can choose suitable products to use according to the needs of use to ensure the safety of breathing in our daily lives. Choose a haze air purifier and enjoy a safe life.

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