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FilterAll (HP8) Air Purifier For Home Large Room | Best for Medical Dental Clinics, Office | Reliable True HEPA Air Cleaners

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The HP8 medical grade Air Purifier with Reliable True HEPA Filtration has four air filters running at the same time. Your family gets protection from 99.97% of particles pollutants.Best For Medical Dental Office Clinic air cleaners. If you’re sitting in a room with air pollution the HP8 can’t take care of, it’s probably time to get out of that room.

The HP8 doesn’t produce Ozone as a byproduct of filtration, so you never have to worry about Ozone like most other anion filters.

HP8 Medical Grade Air Purifier Specifications

Brand: Simpure

Color: White+Black

Type: Floor Air Purifier

Model name: HP8

Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Power: 50W

Minimum Noise Level: 23~34dB A

Maximum Noise Level: 44~54dB A


Fan Speed: 3

Sleep Mode: ✓

Timer: 1hr, 2hr, 4hr

Filter Reset: ✓

Shutdown When Cover is Open: ✓

Product Size: 333*175*543mm

Inner Carton Size: 395*245*615mm

Net Weight: 4.48kg

Gross Weight: 5.36kg

air purifier for medical office

For families living in large homes where dust storms or wildfires are common, or where allergies flare up with the changing seasons, or with pets that seem to have an endless supply of hair to shed, the HP8 Air Purifier is a reliable, effective choice.


Click on the Smoke Test Video below for HP8 Medical Grade True HEPA Air Purifier to find out how mighty and reliable it is.

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medical grade air purifier

4 layers of filtration?
Different types of filters capture different types of air pollution.
With the HP8, you get:

A pre-filter, like your furnace filter, to capture large particles like dust.

A H13 HEPA filter that captures and reduces contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in the air

An activated carbon filter that captures odors, smoke, and harmful gases that might be present in small quantities.

A nano-silver ion filter, that picks up any leftover particles, keeping them out of the moving parts of your air purifier and improving its energy efficiency (Saving you $$$).

An easy display tells you when your filters need replacing and gives you digital control over settings to customize your fan speed or how long you want the filter to run.


When the Filter Indicator is on, simply remove the cover, insert a new filter replacement and you are good to go.


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