Why You Need a Y7 RO Water Filtration System

Why You Need a Y7 RO Water Filtration System

Clean water, air, and food are essential for our bodies to function and grow. Instead of drinking water that does not taste pleasant, is full of containments your body does not require, why not enjoy that vital, healthy liquid that keeps you hydrated. Clean, fresh, and crisp drinking water tastes great and looks after your skin and inner health.

Look after your well-being and your families with a good quality reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier with an easy dispense function to encourage all family members to drink plenty of clean, healthy tasting water. 


That’s why you need a Y7.

 Here are some of the distinctive features of Y7

  • Newly launched, integrated with the latest technologies to deliver the purest water.
  • Simple touch operation, easier than ever to operate.
  • Dispense a small, medium, or a large glass of water at the touch of a button.
  • UV technology helps to control and eradicate any bacterial contamination.
  • Flush feature helps to prolong and remove contamination from the filters
  • Indicator lights show when the system is filtering water, warns when the feedwater tank water needs replacing, filters have expired, or maintenance is required.

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Comparison between Y7 & Y6

You may wonder which model best suits my requirement and the actual difference between the two products.

Both water purifiers are reliable, solid-built products and dispense drinking water to the highest quality. You can see a comparison of specifications from the attached spreadsheet.

  Y6 Y7
Flow Rate 50 GPD 75 GPD
Production Rate 4.4 fl. oz 6.4 fl. oz
Filter Life Expectance 528 Gallon 528 Gallon
Storage Reservoirs 1.3 Gallon Feed water reservoir
0.4 Gallon Pure water reservoir
1.3 Gallon Feed water reservoir
0.4 Gallon Pure water reservoir
No Plumbing
Drain ratio 5:1 5:1.5
Display Filter lifespan Filter lifespan
Stage 3 stage
Sediment PP Membrane
Activated Carbon
RO Membrane 
2 stage
RO Membrane
RO Membrane NSF Certified NSF Certified
Filter Lifespan PP+CTO 6 months
RO 6 months
CF 3-6 months
RO 6-12 months
Dimensions 17.9 x 14.96 x 7.87 inches
17.1 Pounds
16.3 x 15.98 x 7.36 inches
14.8 Pounds 
Cup Size Selection 250ml/1L 180ml/350ml/450ml
Touch Screen  /
Touch Flushing Button /


Summary of features:

  • If you are looking for a water purifier that is more efficient in saving water, then Y6 is the best choice.

  • If you are looking for something smarter, compact, and user-friendly, Y7 will be your best choice.