why is my air purifier so loud

Air purifiers are common household appliances in modern homes. However, people do not know enough about air purifiers, so the products they buy often have some kind of fault, such as noise like rattling noise. Because there is a motor in the air purifier, noise is unavoidable, but it is generally based on the normal work, life and sleep of people, but some air purifiers are so loud that it has a great impact on people's sleep. So, why is my air purifier making noise? What should I do if the air purifier is so loud? There are 4 reasons why is air purifier making noise.

why is my air purifier so loud

1. Packaging Bag on the Filter Hasn't Been Removed or Replaced

The packaging bag on the filter screen has not been removed or has not been replaced and cleaned after long-term use, resulting in excessive wind resistance. Most filter-type air purifiers rely on the filter to absorb pollutants in the air, but it can only absorb continuously and cannot actively decompose, which will inevitably lead to excessive dirt on the filter after long-term use . The air of the air purifier must pass through the filter screen. If too much dirt blocks the filter screen, it will increase the wind resistance and increase the noise.

2. Objects Fall into the Air Purifier

During use, it is possible to inadvertently drop some objects fall into the air purifier, causing blockage. Common objects include pieces of paper, parts of children's toys, and inadvertently intruded bugs.

3. The Air Purifier Is Overloaded

Different sizes of spaces require different models of air purifiers. Larger spaces require products with stronger purification capabilities. Many users use small products in a large area due to improper selection or inaccurate judgment. In order to achieve the same purification effect, they turn on the purifier to the maximum wind speed for a long time. This will inevitably keep the power of the purifier in the maximum operating state, and of course the noise will also become significantly larger. After the general purifier is turned on, it will be in the maximum wind speed mode for a short period of time. When the air is purified to the specified standard for a period of time, it will be in a low-speed operation state, so people do not feel the noise, and this makes the purifier in the maximum wind speed for a long time. The operating state is clearly not desirable

4. The Air Purifier's Internal Components Are Loosely Connected

The vibration and other noises generated like rattling noise when the machine is running are mainly due to the small size of the purifier itself, the weak connection of internal components, and the poor installation and fixation of the motor wind wheel, which cause the machine to vibrate in high air volume. In particular, the purifier with a plastic casing has a louder vibration noise.

What should I do if my air purifier is so loud?

1. If the filter has not been replaced and cleaned for a long time causing air purifier loud, this problem is also very easy to solve. Just replace the dirty filter and replace it with a new filter. Some recyclable filters can be washed with clean water and then replaced.

2. Objects fall into the air purifier. In this case, you only need to open the back cover of the air purifier and take out these objects to return to normal.​​

3. If the load of the air purifier is too heavy, the effective solution is to replace the air purifier that is suitable for a larger space.

In addition, when purchasing air purifiers, be sure to test the power supply, and solve the problem in time. If you find that the air purifier noise exceeds the standard and affects your life, you must contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Don't procrastinate. When choosing an air purifier, you should choose a product from a well-know manufacturer or a big brand. At present, there are many brands of air purifiers. For example, MSA3 quiet hepa air purifier, with working noise as low as 25 dB, and a sleeping mode design, is without doubt the right choice for someone sensitive to noise.

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