clean water is important

Why Is Clean Water Important To You?

 It has to be said that since human beings have evolved from ancient times to the present, food, clothing, housing and transportation have been greatly improved, especially the source of life on which mankind depends for survival-water, from the ancient ancestors who drink natural water to the present. We are drinking filtered water why is clean water important for you?It can be said that it has changed drastically.Speaking of this, everyone will think that the same is the water on the earth, why only humans drink filtered clean water? And animals don’t drink it? Let’s talk about it from the following two aspects today.Why do humans filter water with water filters?Because if humans do not filter water, the risk of infection is too great.Why don't animals filter water?

why is clean water important

1.Risks posed by microorganisms in water

It may be that modern people are too happy,because you are not aware of the risk of unfiltered water—infection.

We must know that even today, microbial infection is still the mainstream cause of death in the world. The top ten death factors in low-income countries released by WHO.We can see that microbial infection is still the mainstream cause of death,especially with diet. Related diarrhoeal diseases (diarrhoeal diseases) and other factors are ranked second,so the promotion of drinking hot water in these countries is actually a simple and huge public health event.

Remember the famous London cholera map?

At that time,a cholera epidemic broke out in London, which caused a large number of deaths.At that time, people could not tell exactly where it was spreading.Then the famous doctor John Snow drew a map of cholera in London through the distribution of patients, and found that the diseased areas were concentrated in the wells,so he inferred that it was caused by water pollution, and finally through the prevention and control of the well water, Cholera was successfully contained.He is also the originator of public health.

In fact,living in a residential area,if the water is not filtered,then daily domestic waste,especially feces, will form a huge source of pollution.

There are also the traditional habits of drinking raw water,gargle with raw water, washing utensils, soaking vegetables, aquatic products, etc.These habits increase the possibility of various microorganisms being transmitted through water.
For example,the typical Ganges series,I can't bear to say,so much feces discharged into the river,this pollution,just now~

A previous report issued by the Global Alliance for Health and Pollution (GAHP) found that India has the highest number of deaths due to pollution in the world.

2.Why don't animals filter?

In fact,if you directly say that this question is because they do not have filtering equipment,or even filtering devices,it may not be the answer that many people want.

In fact,if the water animals drink are not filtered,the result is a large number of infectious diseases.

In fact,with the ubiquitous distribution of microbes in the sky and the super strong ability to resist adversity,I believe that there are basically no multicellular animals on the earth that are not infected by microbes.

ps:Factors such as water pollution can only solve the problem that animals are difficult to live to the limit of life,but they cannot solve the problem of species limit life itself,because this is based on genes.

For example,even if you live in an idealized way,the air is extremely fresh,and the water is extremely clean,you still will not live to be 500 years old,because at present,the limit life span of human beings is around 125-150.

However,you can pay attention to these problems,at least let yourself avoid premature death because of these microbial parasite infections.