purify water before drinking

Why Do We Need To Filter Purify Water Before Drinking?

In recent years, with the continuous exposure of water pollution incidents, drinking water safety issues such as tap water pollution have repeatedly aroused strong social concern. Water pollution caused by human production activities can be divided into: domestic pollution, agricultural pollution, and industrial pollution.

industrial pollution

Water pollution caused by industry is the most serious. Industrial wastewater is the main cause of water pollution caused by industrial pollution. It contains many pollutants and has complex components. It is not only difficult to purify in the water, but also difficult to treat.

Agricultural pollution

An important reason for agricultural pollution is the increasing use of pesticides and fertilizers in recent years, and only a small amount of pesticides and fertilizers used are attached or absorbed, and most of the remaining are left in the soil and floating in the atmosphere, through rainfall, and through surface runoff. The scouring infiltrates the surface water to form pollution.

filter water before drinking

Life pollution

Domestic pollution is water pollution caused by domestic sewage, garbage and waste gas caused by densely populated cities. The pollution of urban pollution sources to water bodies is mainly domestic sewage, which is a mixture of various sewage produced in people's daily life, including sewage discharged from kitchens, washing rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

Secondary pollution of drinking water

Nowadays, water pollution is getting more and more serious. Even if the water plant can basically remove the harmful substances in the polluted water, in the transportation process of the tap water, as the tap water pipeline ages, it will also cause "secondary pollution" to the tap water.

 Not only that, most high-rise water tanks, water towers and other secondary water supply facilities have no special care for a long time, and the sealing conditions are poor. The wind and sand blows down to the water tanks or water towers, causing more and more sediments, growing moss, breeding bacteria, viruses, etc. There were even rotting animal carcasses, and they were not cleaned in time, which seriously polluted the quality of tap water.

The importance of clean water to the human body

We all know that tap water is disinfected by adding chlorine solution. Although the chlorine solution inhibits bacteria and sterilizes, it has also become a major hidden danger. The chloroform produced by chlorine gas is recognized as a strong carcinogen; The diseases caused by pollution are as many as thousands, such as cancer, calculus, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infection, cholecystitis, toxic hepatitis, hepatitis, nephritis and other diseases. Water is the source of life and the source of all diseases.

Healthy and clean water can enhance the body's immune system and promote cell metabolism, so the cells in the body will not have the conditions for malignant transformation and the spread of toxins. The chances of people getting sick will naturally decrease. Experts warn us that while paying attention to seeking medical treatment, we must also pay attention to supplementing the cells with a steady stream of good water, and strive to create a fresh and healthy living environment for the cells. Only when the cells are healthy can the human body be healthy.

Choosing a water purifier means choosing pure and healthy

As people's calls for healthy water become stronger and stronger, a new thing, a water purifier, came into being with people's needs. Simpure water purifier like water filter dispenser adopts multi-stage independent filtration method. Each stage is a solid barrier. After layer-by-layer filtration, the residual harmful substances in the water are removed, every line of defense of drinking water is protected, and the rust in the tap water can be well removed. , Silt, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and effectively remove residual chlorine and peculiar smell in the water, so that every sip you drink is pure and safe water. Also build a barrier to protect health! Simpure, a well-known water purifier manufacturer , escorts your health.