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Why Are Hepa Filters Desirable

In recent years, every winter, air purifiers have become a hot topic in the lives of ordinary people! Because of this,the brands of air purifiers on the market are cropping up one after another,one after another appearing in everyone's field of vision.So,what kind of air purifier is a good air purifier?What is the principle of an air purifier? ......Wait,based on these questions,I will give you a relative system analysis summary.Regardless of what brand of purifiers on the market,there are only two purification methods-"pure physical purification" purification, "non-pure physical purification".

The purely physical purification method is well understood.It is to blow the air through a number of filters through a fan with a large air volume to filter or adsorb the particulate matter,volatile organic matter and other pollutants in it to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.Although the filter needs to be replaced regularly,this air purification method has been used globally for 50 to 60 years and is considered the safest air purification technology.The non-pure physical purification method refers to the use of no filter,or the use of other technologies in addition to the filter,such as the recently popular high-voltage electrostatic dust collection technology.Of course,many manufacturers will compile many names for this purpose.This ion,that factor,xx light technology and so on.

why are hepa filters desirable

As long as the machine uses high-voltage electrostatic dust collection technology,no matter how high-tech it is,it will produce ozone.Ozone is a strong oxidant,although the ozone layer floating above the atmosphere can help us resist the damage of ultraviolet rays.But the ozone pollution on the ground can cause our heart and lung diseases such as asthma,bronchitis,heart disease, and even endanger our lives.You said that you originally bought the machine to purify the air,but in the end it polluted the air.Wouldn’t that be unworthy? Therefore,we must choose an air purifier with pure physical filtration.

What kind of filters are pure physical filter purifiers?

why are HEPA filters desirable

Air purifier filters are made of HEPA (High efficiency particulate air Filter), which is understood as a high efficiency air filter.The filter that meets the HEPA standard has a 99.7% higher purification rate for particles of 0.1μm and 0.3μm. The air can pass through the HEPA filter,but the fine particles cannot.Therefore, it has the best effect on preventing smog and filtering PM2.5 and PM0.1 particles,and it can also capture molds,bacteria,viruses,etc.

HEPA is usually divided into five materials:PP filter paper,glass fiber,composite PP PET filter paper,melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric and melt-blown glass fiber.Although the materials are different,they all have one thing in common: large wind resistance,large dust holding capacity,and high filtration accuracy. There are also three kinds of HEPA high-efficiency filters,one is the ultra-HEPA high-efficiency filter,which can purify 99.9995%.One is an antibacterial high-efficiency air filter without partitions,which has an antibacterial effect and prevents bacteria from entering the clean room.The other is a sub-HEPA high-efficiency filter,which is cheap and is mostly used in purification spaces that are not demanding.It can be said that the HEPA filter is the core of the air purifier. Whether an air purifier is good or not depends on whether the filter is professional or not.