where to install water filter

Nowadays the living conditions at home are getting better and better, more and more people choose to install water filter at home. Generally, before purchasing large appliances at home, the specific installation location will be planned in advance, and the purchase and use of water filters are no exception.As for where to install water filter, in addition to the size of the space, what other factors need to be planned in advance? According to a master with ten years of experience in the installation of water filters, I would like to share where is the most suitable place to install water filter or water purifier?

Things You Need to Pay Attention to as for Where to Install Water Filter

When your are choosing where to install water filter, generally consider the convenience of drinking water, sewage, electricity, and maintenance. For places such as kitchens, living rooms, and drinking water points, you can consider installing water filters with different functions. If you only plan to install one water purifier at home, it is recommended to consider the kitchen first. At least the first three points of drinking water, sewage and electricity are satisfied.

In addition, when choosing where to install water purifier, it is also necessary to consider whether it is easy to freeze and crack after the weather turns cold, and whether the overall appearance is beautiful. When installing the water filter, it should be horizontal and vertical, the pipeline of the water filter should be straight, and the whole should be beautiful, so as to ensure a better purification effect when used.

Where to Install Water Filter: Don't Forget the Water Pressure Problem.

It is best to install the water filter in a place where the water pressure is relatively high. From the perspective of convenience of use, most people will give priority to installing water filters in places such as kitchens, living rooms, and drinking points. But in fact, water pressure is also a more important factor. Generally speaking, the water pressure range of municipal tap water is 0.1-0.3MPa, which can be directly connected to the water purifier.

If the family has installed a whole set of water purification equipment in the whole house, then when the tap water is filtered and purified layer by layer, the water pressure will inevitably decrease.

Where You Can Not Install Water Purifier?

Having said that there are so many priority locations for installing water purifiers, are there any installation places to avoid?

(1) It should not be installed near a heat source or in direct sunlight. Because most filter element shells are made of plastic, close to the heat source, it is easy to decompose the plastic, resulting in odor and secondary pollution.

(2) It is not easy to be exposed to the outdoors for a long time. If the water purifier is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, it is easy to make the plastic shell of the water purifier brittle, reducing the life of the water purifier.

(3) It is not suitable to install a water filter if the space is too small. The water purifier needs to clean the filter element frequently. If the space is too small, the water filter cannot be removed, which will make it difficult to disassemble the water purifier.

where to install water purifier

In addition, in the selection of the installation location of the water purifier, in addition to considering the best use of the water filter, choose a place with high water pressure and convenient sewage discharge, but also consider the aesthetics after installation, such as kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc.

Considering that almost all water filters need to be regularly rinsed, disinfected and replaced after a period of use, the installation position of the water purifier should not be too high, too narrow or too hidden, which increases the difficulty of regular maintenance. The above are all installations. Must know before! Take a look at where you install your water filter, is it installed correctly?

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