whole house water filtration system

What is the best whole house water filtration system

The concept of whole-house water  filtration system has become more and more popular in recent years. Many people who have installed under-bath water purifiers in their homes are still very puzzled: the water I drink is already very pure, and I think it is enough. What exactly is whole house water purification?What is the best whole house water filtration system? Do I really need to install whole house water purification?

The best whole house water filtration is a systematic water filtration solution to solve all aspects of the family's "drinking, eating, washing, and bathing" water needs and to protect and prolong the lifespan of wading appliances in the whole house. Generally include front water purifier, central water purifier, central water softener, end water purifier, etc. Different water filter products perform different functions.

Best Front Water Filtration

best whole house water filtration system

The installation location: The front water purifier behind the water purification pipe water meter is the first stage of water purification in the whole house.It can not only effectively remove large particles such as sand, rust, algae, and bloodworms in the water, but also protect the subsequent wading appliances.

Best Kitchen water Filtration

best whole house water filtration system

Installation location: under the kitchen cabinet

It can effectively intercept total dissolved solids in water and heavy metal ions such as lead, arsenic, chromium (hexavalent), cadmium, etc., and absorb different colors and odors in water, which is an important part of protecting the health of drinking water.

Best Central Water Filtration

Installation location: The central water purifier at the rear of the pre-filter can further filter the rust, sediment, suspended solids and other large particles in the water, and use activated carbon to filter and absorb residual chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, bacteria, and bacteria in the water. Organic matter and chemical matter, etc.

Drinking machine

best whole house water filtration system

Installation location :the living room is generally installed in the living room. It is a product that integrates filtration and purification with heating and cooling to meet the direct drinking water needs of the living room. One machine has multiple functions and is more convenient to use.

Central water softener

Installation position: the front or after the central water softener can effectively reduce the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, play a role in softening the water quality, prevent fouling causing pipeline blockage and equipment damage, and provide more comfortable and soft domestic water. Such as bathing, beauty and so on. Washing clothes with soft water makes them whiter and softer.

Water Filtration System For Home What The Best

Is it really necessary to clean water throughout the house? Have! According to relevant research data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the main way and the approximate proportion of "harmful substances in water" absorbed by the human body are: 1/3 oral intake (drinking water, brushing teeth, food), 1/3 skin absorption (washing hands) , Bathing), 1/3 respiratory tract inhalation (cleansing, bathing). Faced with such a situation, WHO urges everyone: home water and daily drinking water should follow the same standard! Whole house water purification can fully take care of the water needs of everyone in the family and improve the quality of life of the whole family, so that the family can drink healthy water anytime and anywhere indoors, and use safe water. So in real life, water filtration system for home what the best?how do you choose a water filtration product that really suits your family's needs? We have prepared several sets of best water filtration solutions to meet different water needs according to different household scenarios for your reference.

1. Kitchen water demand

Suggested plan: front water purifier + kitchen water purifier kitchen water

 Drinking refers to the water that needs to be taken in, such as water for direct drinking, cooking water for cooking and cooking; use refers to domestic water, mainly washing vegetables, fruits, tableware and cleaning water in the kitchen. The installation of the front water purifier can filter out most of the large particles of impurities such as sand and rust in the water, greatly reducing the filtration and purification pressure of the water purifier, and effectively extending the service life of the filter element!

2. Suggested plan for water demand in the kitchen + living room

front water purifier + kitchen water purifier + water purifier.

In addition to installing a front water purifier and a kitchen water purifier, install a water purifier in the living room to avoid it perfectly. The trouble of frequent boiling of the kettle can also eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by traditional water dispensers and bottled water. Drink cold and hot tea as you like, very smart and convenient.

3.Suggested plan for kitchen + bathroom water demand

Front water purifier + kitchen water purifier + central water softener.

If the water demand is mainly concentrated in the kitchen and bathroom, except for the front water purifier and the kitchen water purifier It is a wise choice to install a water softener in the bathroom. Relevant studies have shown that the working capacity of wading equipment that uses soft water for a long time will be more efficient than those that do not use soft water. Moreover, with the water softener, the problem of pipe blockage that may occur in the home wading equipment can be more effectively avoided. Secondly, the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water treated by the water softener is greatly reduced, which makes the clothes brighter. It can be used to wash the face and bath, which can make the skin more deeply cleaned, thereby reducing the chance of skin hair follicle clogging. Intimate reminder: Because the toilet consumes a lot of water, it is necessary to arrange a separate waterway for the water softener.

4.Suggested plan for water demand for kitchen + living room + bathroom

Front water purifier + central water purifier + water purifier + water softener + kitchen water purifier.

If you have a lot of daily water demand, we suggest that you can provide a complete set The whole house water purification program system. It not only allows the elderly in the family to have good water for tea every day, so that the beauty-loving wife can have soft water to clean and skin care, but also have fresh running water for the children to make rations, and fully take care of the water needs of everyone in the family. Whole house water purification can be filtered through different water purification equipment according to different water needs, so that our daily water is cleaner and healthier, and drinking water is more delicious and safer.