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Many people have a question when they decide to buy a water purifier, that is: what is RO reverse osmosis in water purifier? Why there are more and more people choose to buy reverse osmosis water purifer? In this article, you will learn what the definition of RO reverse osmosis and its application in water purifier. After reading, you will figure out why we need ro system for home!

1. What is RO (Reverse Osmosis)?

What is RO reverse osmosis definition is a question that many people are concerned about. In fact, reverse osmosis (RO) is a type of filtration that is a major part of a purified water production line. Reverse osmosis filtration primarily uses semi-permeable films with pores small enough for pure water to pass through, while rejecting larger molecules and other contaminants.

Water flows from the side with a higher concentration of the reverse osmosis membrane to the side with a lower concentration to provide clean drinking water. The fresh water produced is called osmotic water, and the remaining concentrated water is called waste water or brine.

Reverse osmosis is used to produce high-purity water for drinking water systems, industrial boilers, food and beverage processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical production, desalination, and other applications. For more than a century, it has been used and recognized by many applications. The principle is detailed in the figure below. 

what is ro reverse osmosis

2. Then What does an RO System do?

After learning the definition of what is ro reverse osmosis, there is still a question: then what does an RO system do? Let us learn it furtherly. The RO system removes sediment and chlorine from the water through a pre-filter, which is then forced through a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved solids. The RO membrane of most reverse osmosis systems is made of cellulose acetate, polysulfonate, and polyamide. Once the water leaves the RO membrane, it passes through the back filter before the drinking water enters the tap.

RO systems also include other types of filtration, consisting of 3 to 5 stages of filtration. Each type of system contains one or more filters besides ro membrane filter, such as the following:

what is reverse osmosis

1. PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter: Removes sediment from the water, rust, silt, sand, iron, and other undissolved particulates.

2. Granular Activated Carbon Filter: Removes any organic chemical present and any objectionable odor or taste.

3. CTO Activated Carbon Block Filter: Polish the tastes of the water and remove the residue from the tap, including chlorine, fluoride, lead, odor, and similar contaminants from water.

4. Semi-permeable Membranes: Removes up to 98% of total dissolved solids (TDS).

5. Post Carbon Filter: Removes any unremoved or dissolved impurities by adsorption.

3. What do RO Systems Remove?

You have learnt what is ro, and then you know that reverse osmosis (RO) is very dense and has a very high removal rate against viruses, bacteriophages, and bacteria, at least above 3log (removal rate > 99.9%). In a word, RO Systems can remove lead, pfas, bacteria, chlorine and so many harmful impurities in water. In our previous blogs, there's a lot about what do RO systems remove. If you are interested in the detailed content, you can click the blogs below.

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4. What does RO Mean in Water Purifier and What is RO Water Purifier?

what does ro mean in water purifier

The concept of ro water purifier is based on the question of what is RO reverse osmosis. If RO technology is used in the water purifier, that is, RO reverse osmosis membrane, then this water purifier is called an RO water purifier.The reverse osmosis water purifier is a device that integrates microfiltration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, ultra-purification, and other technologies to directly convert tap water into ultrapure water.

The core component of the reverse osmosis water purifier is the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. The pure water produced by the reverse osmosis pure water purifier is fresher, more hygienic, and safer than bottled water.

5. What is the Benefit of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier?

what is the benefit of reverse osmosis water

We know that the hottest water purifier on the market now is the reverse osmosis water purifier, so what are the benefits of the reverse osmosis water purifier, let's spend a few seconds to understand the function of reverse osmosis water purifier.

  • Reverse osmosis water purifier has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, stable operation, large water permeability, high salt rejection rate, small equipment size, simple operation, easy maintenance, strong adaptability, and long service life.

  • The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 1/100 of the ultrafiltration membrane, so the reverse osmosis water purifier can remove heavy metals, pesticides, chloroform, and other chemical pollutants in the water. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are powerless against this; The particulate pollutants and bacteria that the ultrafiltration water purifier can remove can be removed by the reverse osmosis water purifier.

  • Generally, tap water contains a lot of harmful substances to the body, and some are difficult to remove even if boiled. The reverse osmosis water purifier has a stronger purification ability and it can effectively filter bacteria, viruses, and different colors and odors in the water. The filtered water is pure water and can be directly drunk.

  • The purified water of the reverse osmosis water purifier can be placed for a long time without generating scale. Because the water quality is clean, the water purified by the reverse osmosis water purifier has a caring effect on the skin.

6. We know RO water purifiers produce wastewater, so what can I do with RO waste water?

what to do with ro waste water

In the above question of what is reverse osmosis, you know that reverse osmosis water purifier will produce wastewater in the purification process. We have to admit the fact that it is the design requirement of a reverse osmosis membrane. In order to protect and extend the life of reverse osmosis membrane, this is a necessary process design. In the process of filtration of tap water, after the water molecules pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, the other side is filtered out by the membrane of various impurities, such as suspended solids, colloids, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc., which will block the reverse osmosis membrane if not treated for a long time. You can also get a detail answer in this blog: why does reverse osmosis waste water.

To be concluded, the reverse osmosis water purifier adds the function of automatically flushing the filter element, and these impurities are flushed and discharged through the pressurized water flow, and the water mixed with various impurities is called concentrated water or wastewater. What can I do with ro waste water? Wastewater produced by RO water purifier can be used for kitchen washing, washing dishes, to wipe tables; It can also be used as household cleaning water, mopping, etc.; It can also be used for toilet flushing in the bathroom and watering plants in the home.

Recommended RO Reverse Osmosis System for Home Use

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