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What Happens If You Dont Change Your Air Filter

Recently,there are some brands of air purifiers on the market that are selling well under the banner of "Never need to change the filter element",but is this really the case?At the same time, many users are asking why the HEPA filter should be replaced after a period of use, when to change it, what happens if you dont change your air filter?and if the air purifier filter is not replaced,can the air purifier continue to be used?We have conducted experimental analysis on these topics,hoping to give you a satisfactory answer.

With the increase in haze weather across the world in the past two years and serious high-temperature formaldehyde pollution in summer, people have become very concerned about the safety of air quality, and air purifiers have become the first choice for many families to purify the air. However,because the filter element, an important part of the product,needs to be replaced regularly, some people start to settle accounts with a small abacus,and feel that replacing the filter element is another large investment in the later stage,which is a very money-consuming feeling.So some businesses jumped out and introduced new gimmicks of "zero consumables" and "never need to change the filter element", but is this really the case? Does "zero consumables" negative ions have a purification effect on PM2.5? At present,the air purifiers on the market are mainly based on HEPA physical filtration methods,and a very small number of "zero consumables" and "permanent filter elements" purifiers advocate technologies such as electrostatic dust collection or negative ion purification factors.So do these two methods really have the effect of purifying PM2.5?

1.Electrostatic dust collection and purification: When the gas containing dust particles passes through the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode wire (also called corona electrode) connected to the high-voltage DC power supply and the grounded anode plate, corona occurs due to the cathode. During discharge, the gas is ionized. The electrostatic precipitator does not need to replace the filter, but the dust collection device needs to be cleaned regularly. Generally speaking, electrostatic precipitators are used for industrial purification, because the electrostatic precipitator module has a fixed cost, and the cost of making small equipment is high. Also, due to the large air volume, the small space cannot be fully utilized and the effect is poor. If in severe haze weather, high-intensity continuous use needs to be cleaned once 1-2 weeks, and the cleaning frequency is high. And the dust removal effect will decrease over time. Long-term use will cause secondary pollution. At the same time, its biggest hazard is the production of ozone.The California government formally banned the sale of air purifiers with ozone generating function and electrostatic precipitator in 2007.This is because electrostatic precipitators inevitably produce ozone during operation,and ozone is harmful to human health !

2.Negative ion purification technique: Negative ions purify the particulate matter in the air (such as PM2.5, dust),which is hyped by the merchants.The principle is that the particulate matter is charged under the action of the corona electric field electron bombardment or the oxygen anion charge transfer.Due to the Coulomb force,the particles condense into large particles and settle or are adsorbed on the exposed surfaces of the room such as walls,floors, sheets, clothing, desktops,etc.,which reduces the concentration of particulate matter in the air to a certain extent.But the dust in the removed air still exists indoors,and of course there is also the possibility of being raised again and forming secondary pollution.Consumers need to correctly understand the limited auxiliary purification ability of air negative ions on indoor air particles and other pollutants. And its principle of removing pollutants,the negative ion generator products that use negative ion technology only do not belong to the air purifier that collects pollutants in a real sense.Therefore, the so-called "zero consumables" and "permanent filter replacement" negative ion purifiers are just gimmicks promoted by the merchants, and they have not achieved the effect of purifying the air.We must keep our eyes open when buying air purifiers and do not drop them.Into the trap of merchants.

Conclusion: Air purifiers that do not change the filter element for life are just a publicity stunt for businesses to solve the symptoms and not the root cause. Perhaps the development of technology in the future will truly find a technology that does not change the filter element forever, or environmental governance. Humans no longer need air purifiers. Knowable.It's just that, facing serious air pollution at this stage,we still have to choose reliable and guaranteed air purifiers,and we need to replace the filters in time to prevent secondary pollution,in order to truly protect the family's breathing safety.