Understanding TDS and its Role in Drinking Water

Understanding TDS and its Role in Drinking Water

You may be wondering what the reference to TDS is about while trying to select a water filtration system for your home or office. You may be thinking is high or low TDS a good or bad thing? Let's find out.


TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids; It's what's left-over in the water if you took away just H2O (ultrapure water). It is a measurement of how many minerals, salts, chemicals, and impurities are present in your drinking water.



Very high TDS typically means there are too many Impurities in the water, which is not always good for your health and will result in poor tasting drinking water.

However, it's not reasonable (and necessary) to remove all the TDS in your drinking water.

Our bodies need some minerals to help keep us healthy so drinking pure H2O with no minerals is not a good idea. The ideal drinking water balances no chemicals and impurities but still maintains some essential mineral content.


DP03R water filter pitcher, solid stopper, reduce TDS, water purification and filtration, removes contaminants  

Our SolidStopper DP03R water pitcher helps significantly reduce the TDS level in the drinking water while maintaining some of the essential minerals our body needs.

It is made from BPA-free material and proudly adopt the ultra-micro-filtration technology to remove most of the yucks in your drinking water.

Meanwhile, the Activate Carbon filter (ACF) to improve taste and absorb chlorine and other chemicals, and Ion-exchange to reduce the TDS level.

The pitchers also features a Filter Change Reminder which could do countdown for 90 days once set up. Simply order the filter replacements every three months to ensure that every sip of your drinking water is crisp and healthy.