The importance of water purification

The importance of water purification

Water is the source of life. We drink it every day, it is indispensable. However, over the years, environmental pollution problems have frequently exploded, and the safety of water resources has also begun to make people worry. With the rapid popularization of water purifiers, consumers' consumption habits are also quietly changing. Drinking water safety awareness changes, from boiling water to bottled water, and now installing water filters to filter drinking water. Modern life is quietly changing and undergoing a revolution in drinking water.

However, many consumers are not very familiar with the current drinking water environment and still think that boiled water and bottled water are very clean. There is no need to spend extra money to buy and use water purifiers. They think that the price of water purifiers will be very high. , And don’t know if it’s useful to use a water purifier? So let's See what water purification experts say about water purifiers

1.Is the water purifier really useful?

the importance of water purifier
Many consumers will have questions, is such a small water purifier really useful? Simpurelife hopes that consumers should learn more about the use principle of water purifiers. At present, the water purifiers used in my country can be divided into ultrafiltration water purifiers and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers according to the filter material. Take the simpurelife household RO reverse osmosis water purifier for example, it can effectively filter sediment, rust, large suspended particles, bacteria, colloids, macromolecular organic matter, residual chlorine, scale, etc.; the filtered water is free of any impurities. It can achieve direct drinking, and it is currently the most popular and safest terminal water purification filtration product on the market.

2.What are the pollutants in daily drinking water?

Through analysis of national water quality monitoring data, water quality experts believe that our daily drinking water pollutants mainly include: industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater, heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, chemical drugs, chloroform and other carcinogens; rust, large suspended solids, the Magnesium ions are easy to cause kidney stones; bacteria, pathogens, microorganisms, etc., all of which are extremely harmful to our human body.

3.I have been drinking tap water for decades and there is nothing wrong with it. Is it necessary to buy a water purifier?

the importance of water purifier
Expert answer: In recent years, the water quality crisis, with the rapid development of industry and agriculture, has caused a lot of industrial and agricultural pollution at the expense of the environment, combined with the frequent exposure of the Lanzhou water pollution incident, the Sanyou chemical pollution incident, and the Zhenjiang water pollution incident in recent years. , Combined with the latest data released by the World Health Organization: 80% of diseases are caused by water pollution, and more than half of global child deaths are caused by drinking water pollution. 13 million people die every year due to water pollution, and 400 children die every hour from water pollution-related diseases. Why is the quality of our lives now better, but the number of people who cause cancer continues to increase, it is caused by food pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. Consumers must truly feel the severity of the water crisis. It is very necessary to buy a water purifier!

4.How can there be any problems when tap water has passed the government inspection?

Expert answer: In recent years, the water plant has indeed continuously strengthened its water purification work to reach drinking water standards as much as possible. However, due to inadequate market supervision, there are still many loopholes. Behind the exposure of frequent media reports, you can see the leopards. In addition, tap water passing through water pipes and water towers may cause secondary or even tertiary pollution in the middle of the water quality. Rust and bacterial growth are major factors that pollute water quality. Long-term drinking of this type of tap water will cause a great burden on the kidneys and liver and harm the human body. healthy. And these problems are difficult points that the current technology of water companies cannot solve. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a water purifier to ensure the safety of drinking water for your family!