Whole house water filter installation

Whole house water filter installation

As an important equipment that can ensure the safety, health, non-toxicity and harmlessness of drinking water in family life, household water filters have been trusted and recognized by people since their introduction, and household water filters have also become essential equipment in the home. one. So what should be paid attention to during the installation of household water filter? let’s take a look

1.the installation steps of whole house water filter installation

household water filter installation

Step 1: preparations. Preparatory work means that before installing the water purifier, the tools that can be applied during the installation process need to be prepared, and it is also necessary to check whether the relevant installation accessories of the water purifier are complete.

Step 2: Determine the installation location of the water purifier and fix the water purifier. Under normal circumstances, the water purifier is installed under the basin in the kitchen. When installing, it is necessary to punch holes and install fixing accessories to fix the water purifier. Need to pay attention to factors such as hole depth and hole distance during the punching process.

Step 3: Connect the water purifier to the water pipe. This process needs to close the main tap water valve, and the connection must be reliable, and there should be no water leakage.

Step 4: Connect the sewage discharge port. This process is specifically to connect the sewage pipe with the sewage outlet of the water purifier, and put the sewage pipe directly into the sewage pipe in the kitchen.

Step 5: Connect the water purification outlet of the water purifier and the purification faucet. In this process, it is necessary to ensure the use of connecting pipes of appropriate specifications to ensure that the connection is correct.

Step 6: Install the purification faucet. This process is to fix the water filter faucet in the proper position of the basin for easy use.

Finally, after the safety is completed, you need to open the main tap water valve, turn on the water purifier, check whether the connections of each pipeline are intact, and ensure that the water purifier can be used normally.

2.Precautions for whole house water filter installation

household water filter

① make sure that the inlet water quality, inlet water flow rate, inlet water pressure, water temperature, etc. of the water purifier meet the requirements specified in the operating parameter table. Install a pre-filter in front of the water purifier depending on the quality of the water. If the pressure of the water purifier is less than 1 kg, install a booster pump in front of the water purifier, if the pressure of the water purifier is more than 3 kg, install a pressure reducing valve in front of the water purifier.. When the water purifier should be installed in front of the water tank and other heating devices. Then make sure that the position of the water purifier is lower than the position of the water heater so that steam does not enter the water purifier and damage the filter element.

② All swamp accessories such as gaskets, pipes, faucets, etc. of the water purifier must comply with national hygiene standards.

③ Please do not install it outdoors in the north, to avoid freezing and cracking of the ultrafiltration element, and avoid direct sunlight.

④ Do not use excessive force when tightening the threaded joint during installation, so that the joint does not slip.

The above is all the installation knowledge of the water filter that Simpurelife shared with you this time. If you still have something unclear, or if you want to find more other types of water purifier installation methods, you can find it in the comment area. Leave a message!