Pre filter for water purifier

Pre Filter For Water Purifier

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for house decoration are getting higher and higher. When many people choose water purification equipment, they will ask such questions. Is it necessary to install a pre-filter during house decoration? What about the water purifier? What are the benefits of installing a front water purifier?

Generally speaking, the pre-filter can filter out harmful substances such as sand, rust, bacteria, colloids, and macromolecular organics in the water. Now that there are so many brands of water filters on the market, people feel at a loss when choosing. Many consumers will have this problem, the editor will introduce the advantages of the whole house water purifier and the necessity of installation.

Pre filter for water purifier 

What is a pre-filter?

What is a front water purifier? The pre-filter is the first coarse filtration equipment of the whole house water purification system. After the current installation is installed in the home, the large particles, sand and rust that are harmful to the family in the water are intercepted to avoid harm to the human body and skin. It also plays a positive role in pre-protection for downstream pipelines and other water appliances.

Is it necessary to install a front water purifier at home? What are the advantages of installing a Pre Filter for water purifier?

1.Solve the problem of secondary pollution of pipelines and protect home appliances

Urban water supply pipelines have become very old due to long-term use. There will be a lot of rust, silt and other impurities inside the pipelines. Because the pipelines are very long, the water flowing through will definitely be contaminated. The filtration accuracy of the pre-filter is 5 -100μm, can filter to the naked eye impurities, such as silt, rust, etc., so that the tap water will return to the state when it left the factory, which can protect other water-using equipment in the home, especially water heaters, washing machines, etc., and reduce corrosion and blockage. , Extend the use time of the equipment.
Pre filter for water purifier

2.Prevent rust, soften water quality, and inhibit scale

Many consumers know that scale is very harmful to water pipes, household appliances and the human body. The main components of scale are calcium and magnesium, which have a very serious impact on water heaters, boilers and other electrical appliances. The pre-sediment filter can prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions and carbonate ions, which can prevent the generation of scale, and it can be used in the water storage tank. The inner wall forms a nano-level protective film, which plays a role in repairing the rust of the inner wall of the pipeline and the container.

3.It can be used as a pre-conditioner for water purifier

The general water purifier uses PP cotton, and its filtration accuracy is claimed to be between 1-50 microns. The replacement frequency is too high (generally every 3 months), the filter element cannot be backwashed. The front water purifier does not consume materials and electricity, as long as it has a regular backwash function. This equipment has a long service life (70 years of service life) and is cost-effective.

The above content is about the advantages of installing the front water purifier and the necessity of installation. I hope it can help everyone understand the advantages of the front water purifier and play a reference and help role in the purchase of water purifiers.