Point of use water filter and filtration systems

Point of use water filter and filtration systems

You must have a lot of curiosity and questions about the point of use water filter or filtration systems at home. Then, the editor of Simpure will explain to you some common-sense questions about water filter and filtration systems!

No.1 After installing a water filter at home, the water is even more dirty?

The main function of the water filter is to filter and purify water. After purification, the water becomes cleaner. However, many users who have newly installed water purifiers report how the water from the home water purifier feels more dirty, but this situation often occurs in water purifiers that have just replaced the filter element or newly purchased water purifiers. There are white foam and bubbles coming out of the water, and there is still a layer of oily flowers. Why is this?
In fact, the reason for the oily flower is very simple. In order to ensure the water permeability of the filter element, the water purifier will apply a layer of protective liquid (hydrophilic agent/modifier) ​​on the surface of the filter element to change the hydrophobicity of the filter element membrane.

point of use water filter

Therefore, after the water purifier is first used or the filter element is replaced, a layer of oil may appear on the surface of the water that comes out. But there is no need to worry about this situation, because this protective liquid is modified, and the protective liquid is of medical grade and edible grade, which is basically harmless to the human body. If you really can’t stand the oiliness, just install the new water purifier or replace the filter element, open the faucet and let the water rinse the filter membrane in the water purifier thoroughly.

point of use water filter

The turbid bubbles and bubbles in the water are due to the large release of water molecules after being suppressed for a long time. Tap water will be pressurized during the pipeline transportation, and when the water passes through the water purifier, a booster pump will pressurize the water again, which causes a large amount of gas to dissolve in the water. When the water is released from the faucet, the gas that is forcibly dissolved in the water has a cathartic release window, and the instantaneous expansion becomes larger, which becomes the bubble in our eyes. When this problem occurs, we only need to let the released water stand for a few minutes, and the bubble problem in the water will be solved.

No.2 Can the water filter be exposed to the sun?

You need to keep in mind that the water purifier is really not really good for sun exposure. Direct sunlight will cause algae to grow inside the filter element of the water purifier. And this kind of algae is harmful to the body.

Therefore, when choosing to install the water purifier, it must be placed in a place out of sunlight. If conditions do not permit, it is recommended to build a baffle near the water purifier to shade the water purifier.

No.3 Can the water purifier not be used for a long time?

If you have a water purifier at home, you must remember to do these two things before and after you go out to ensure that the water from the water purifier is pure!

Before going out, you need to cut off the water and electricity of the water purifier. Especially those who go out for a long time, don't forget this step!

After returning, check that the power cord and the body are normal, and then proceed with the follow-up operation: The water purifier with a storage bucket can drain the water in the bucket before powering on the water filter, and then plug it in for use. If there is no water storage bucket, you can directly plug in and turn on the faucet to let the water for 3-5 minutes.

The above are a few common-sense questions about water filters. After reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of water filters.