no water coming out of reverse osmosis system

No Water Coming Out Of Reverse Osmosis System

Now the water purifier has become an indispensable water purification equipment in every family especially the reverse osmosis system.It can help us solve the problem of family tap water pollution and ensure the clean and hygienic drinking water for us and our family. Of course,with the popularity of water purifiers,more and more people are using them.Of course,they also encounter various failures in their use,such as there is no water coming out of reverse osmosis system.If they encounter this situation,it will affect our difficulty in water use,which will bring us It’s inconvenient.What should I do if the water purifier fails to produce water when it is in use? Today,I will introduce you to the common reasons and reasons why no water coming out of water purifier.

The water purifier does not produce water

no water coming out of reverse osmosis system

Reason 1:The filter element is clogged.

The filter element is the most common failure of the water purifier.It is estimated that everyone knows that the water quality of tap water is getting worse and worse.If there is a pipeline repair in the city,it is likely to cause the filter element. Clogged,if it is groundwater in rural areas,the life of these filter elements is even shorter.Now that the water purifier has just become popular,everyone may know less about the use of water purifiers.Many of my friends may not know how to change the filter element.It may be used until the first three stages are unable to block the water before remembering to change the filter element.At this time, only changing the filter element may not solve the problem.The machine itself is in a long-term fatigue working state,which will often cause damage to the pump and transformer,and the failure of the water inlet solenoid valve.

The second reason of no water coming out of reverse osmosis system:the transformer is faulty.

This factor is not easy to investigate.The difficulty is that the transformer is not completely burned out,and it can still provide voltage,but it is relatively small. Just like the incandescent lamps in the countryside in the past,they were dim, yellow and dark. You can't say that there is no electricity, but the voltage is low and the light bulb is not bright.The transformer is faulty and cannot provide the voltage required for normal boosting of the pump, the speed is slow, the increased pressure is small, and the boost is small, and the pressure required for tap water to pass through the RO membrane cannot be reached, and the water production is slow at this time. At this time, after excluding the main factors affecting the slow water production such as the pump factor and the membrane factor, it is necessary to try a new transformer. Water purifier does not produce water

The water purifier does not produce water.Reason 3:The temperature is low.

Many sheds may not know that the water production speed of the RO membrane has a great relationship with the temperature.The water production temperature range of the RO membrane is between 40 degrees and 5 degrees. The best water temperature is 25 degrees.Now we use the normal 25°C as the standard.Generally, the water production rate will be reduced by 3% every time it drops.Therefore, for detailed comparison,the water production rate in winter will be reduced by half or more than in summer.Therefore,friends should do a good job in winter,especially friends in the countryside,protect the water pipes, and do a good job of preventing the cold,so as to effectively ensure the water production situation.

No water coming out of water purifier.Reason 4:The check valve is blocked.

The probability of failure is relatively small,but it is not avoidable.So if there is no water production,please check here.What to do during inspection is to remove the check valve of the water purifier and check the water output.If there is a significant change in the water output after removal and before,it means that the check valve is really blocked.Well,I will share with you the reasons why household water purifiers do not produce water today.Probably the most common failure of water purifiers is that they do not produce water,so check all aspects and change consumables in time.Replacement and good maintenance during use will also greatly increase the service life of the machine itself.