Is water filter&purifier necessary

Is water filter&purifier necessary

1.Is it necessary to filter tap water?

Is the tap water really clean enough? Many friends are worried about whether their drinking water is clean or not. I believe that many people are skeptical, especially when the water flowing out of the tap water is yellow, muddy, or even smells in the mouth. In recent years, due to increased environmental pollution and unreasonable discharge of industrial and agricultural wastewater, it has caused large-scale pollution in major rivers .

So it's very imperative for us to pay more attention to drinking water safety and filter tap water. A water filter, but is it really useful? Is it necessary to install it?

2. Can a water purifier really purify water?

Is it so magical that some manufacturers say? Don't believe the rumors.The water purifier is simply understood literally. In fact, there is nothing magical. It is a commonly used equipment for purifying water quality, as well as the bottled water ordered at home. They are all purified through a water purifier.
The water purifier has two main working principles, one is filtration; the other is adsorption, which together can purify impurities in the water. However, the fact is that many unscrupulous businesses now blow up the effectiveness of water purifiers. For example, we hear from time to time that some other "functions" of the water purifier, magnetization, activation, etc., are just fake gimmicks. Those who claim to be "functional water" water purifiers that can treat various diseases and health care are absolutely not believed, because "water purifiers" are really not that magical.

3. The actual functions of the water filter or purifier

After understanding the working principle of the water purifier, we can clearly know what effects the water purifier has. To put it bluntly, the water purifier is just an ordinary device, so you don't need to imagine it too magical!In fact, the actual effects of water purifiers are only the following three types.

①remove impurities in the water

I believe many people know that water purifiers actually make water cleaner, and the most important indicator is the amount of impurities in the water, such as rust and sand.

②remove residual chlorine and peculiar smell

One of the most important functions of a water purifier is to remove residual chlorine and peculiar smells by adsorption. Everyone knows that in the process of water treatment in a water plant, a very important process is adding liquid chlorine for sterilization. The starting point was originally good, but at the same time, residual chlorine problems inevitably arise. The activated carbon in the water filter purifier is It just can remove residual chlorine and odor.

③some water purifiers can block the smallest bacteria!

Many people consider buying a water filter purifier, mainly because they have a baby at home, and they don't want to make their children sick from drinking water with bacteria.
Generally speaking, only reverse osmosis water filters are currently recognized by the mainstream in the market, which can completely solve the pollution problems of bacteria, viruses and heavy metal ions.

4.Whether to install a water filter purifier varies from person to person

With the improvement of living standards, many people now have higher requirements for the quality of life, and the same is true for "water", and water purifiers make household water cleaner. National tap water also meets relevant safety standards, so don't worry too much. If you feel that the water pollution in your home area is more serious, and your family's financial conditions are acceptable, you can save the whole family by installing a water purifier, and you don't need to buy bottled water every day!

5. are water filters necessary in the house?

Although the water filter does not have as many "magic" effects as we imagined, it is still completely achievable for the water you want to drink at home.

So, now I can tell everyone clearly that water purifiers can indeed help us purify water. The final question is, do you plan to add a water purifier to your home?

6. What should I pay attention to after installing the water purifier?

Installing a water purifier actually makes the water at home healthier and cleaner. However, if you neglect the maintenance and maintenance of the water filter purifier, the bacteria will accumulate in the water purifier for a long time, which is not good for your health. This requires us to regularly rinse, disinfect and replace the filter element of the water purifier.