How to choose a countertop water filter

How to choose a countertop water filter

In your day to day lives, you hear how our water are considerable becoming more contaminated, as our consumption increases. Yet we need clean water to function at our best. We push our bodies to their fullest potential through physical activity, our careers, and pursuing our wildest aspirations.

Or you are a health-conscious individual that started to notice that your water is different. The water is not as clear as before, and testing the water finds that there are unwanted particles in it. You can buy filtered bottled water, but let’s admit, this is a costly expense. Therefore, you will have to repeatedly buy, and more plastic will be produced and end up in the waters we drink from.

So where can you get purified water without causing more damage to your health and the environment? An excellent solution available is a countertop water filter. You might already know this and thus have been overwhelmed by the immense number of options available.

This guide will help you choose a countertop water filter for your home so you can change your life for the better.

Advantages of Using Countertop Water Filters

When you switch countertop filter in your kitchen, you will notice how it is very convenient to use. There is nothing to refill or replace after many uses. The initial setup is very easy to do and the future maintenance is not a hassle as well. The only maintenance is to change the filter out here and there, depending on the brand of water filter you buy.

The filter units also do not take up a lot of space on the counter. These water filters can be bought at a decent price and still be very effective for you. If you have a vacation home and do not want to buy another filter, you can unscrew the countertop water filter and take it with you.


There are a few types of countertop water filters

Faucet water filter

SimPure ChlorineCatcher Faucet Water Filter for home kitchen


SimPure ChlorineCatcher Faucet Water Filter (Clear/White) could be installed directly on your faucet. No tools required at all!

It could protects your family from calcium sediment, rust, microplastics, heavy metals, and chlorine, of course. 

It could also remove bad tastes like the chemical taste from chlorine, and unpleasant odor (like the rotten egg smell from sulphur bacteria).


Water Filter Pitcher

simpure solid stopper water filter pitcher for home or office


SimPure water filter pitchers adopt BPA-free materials to ensure you that every sip of water you taste is safe. Combined with Ion exchange resin, tourmaline, mineral balls, PP, and activated carbon, our pitchers can effectively remove almost all the yucks in your drinking water to eliminate your health concern.

Besides, its compact and space-efficient design could be fit in the fridge, kitchen shelves, or backpacks. As convenient as bottle water, except that way less plastic waste would be created.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

simpure simple clean reverse osmosis ro water filtration system


Installing an RO water filtration system is no longer that troublesome. It could be as easy as: plug it in, flush and ready to use! 

SimPure SimpleClean RO water filtration systems can help remove most of the yucks and contaminants in your drinking water, and provide you with pure and tasty water.