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Edible Water Bubble

For the sake of family drinking water health, many friends have installed water purifiers in their homes. However, during the use of the water purifier, some friends may encounter bubbles or whitishness in the filtered water. Does this mean that the water purifier is ineffective or the filtered water cannot be drunk?

The answer is of course no. As long as the water purifier installed in your home is reliable, the water filtered by the water purifier must be cleaner and sanitary. So what is the cause of bubbles or whitening in the water?

Hydrophilic agent remaining in filtered water 

In fact, in the process of water filtration, in order to ensure the water permeability of the filter element, the surface of the filter element membrane must exhibit hydrophilic properties, but the general membrane matrix is hydrophobic, so hydrophilic modifiers need to be used for this. modified. The general hydrophilic agent (protective liquid) has certain amphiphilic properties, and the amphiphilic properties will cause the production of foam.

Therefore, after the first use or after replacing the filter element, if the water filtered by the water filter appears foamy or whitish, it is due to the trace amount of hydrophilizing agent that may remain in the water. Regarding the hydrophilic agent, you can rest assured, because medical-grade and edible-grade hydrophilic agents (protective fluids) are basically harmless to the human body. We only need to turn on the water purifier and open the water purifier faucet when using it for the first time. Just rinse.

Pure physical phenomenon


edible water bubble

When tap water is transported remotely through a tap water pipe network, it needs to be pressurized. Under the action of pressure, the solubility of the gas in the pipe network and the gas in the atmosphere in the water will increase, and a large amount of it will be dissolved in the tap water.

In addition, if a reverse osmosis water purifier is used in the home, it will be equipped with a booster pump to further pressurize the water to increase power. While the booster pump pressurizes the water body, it also increases the pressure on the dissolved gas in the water body. , So that the gas molecules become smaller, and the solubility is further increased.

Under this pressure, the gas molecules in the water are compressed to an extremely small size and cannot be released. When this part of the water flows out of the system, the pressure on the gas molecules suddenly disappears, so it expands into bubbles that we can observe with the naked eye. When the amount is large, a large number of tiny bubbles will gush out, and the water body will appear milky white. fading away. This is a normal pure physical phenomenon and will not affect the drinking of pure water.

The air inside the new filter element

edible water bubble

In fact, there is a large amount of air in the small pores of the filter element of the water purifier. When a new water purifier is opened or a new filter element is replaced, a large amount of water will enter the filter element and squeeze out the air hidden in the filter element pore size.

This is also the cause of white foam and air bubbles in the water coming out of the water purifier. When this problem occurs, just take a standstill method.

So in general, the reasons for bubbles and whitening in the water filtered by the water purifier are as described above. The solution is also very easy to solve. Merchants will also remind everyone that when using a new water purifier or filter element, you must first turn on the water purification faucet and let the water flow for ten minutes, so that the protective liquid in the filter element can be washed out, and then it can be used normally.

The work of the water purifier is a physical filtration process, so it will not affect the water quality itself. Under normal circumstances, as long as we can use and maintain it correctly and replace the filter element in time, healthy drinking water can be guaranteed.