Can sparkling water replace regular water?

Can sparkling water replace regular water?

Looking at the current market, a variety of new drinks emerge in an endless stream. The new favorite of contemporary young people is undoubtedly the "bubbly water" that is so popular.

Many people think that sparkling water is the aerated water in the water, and many people think that sparkling water is the soda that we usually drink. Seriously speaking, this explanation is not complete!

So, what exactly is sparkling water?

What is the difference between soda and soda? The bubble water contains two kinds of natural gas and artificial aeration in the water source itself, namely natural gas bubble water and artificial bubble water. The bubbles of natural gas water are naturally formed under the squeeze of ice in the permafrost layer, and the water quality is weakly alkaline. Most sparkling water sources are in Europe, and naturally carbonated water accounts for only 1%, which only exists in places where volcanic remains. The natural bubbles are very small, but they have strong vitality and can last for a long time.

Because of the scarcity of natural gas soaked water, many artificially made bubble waters are introduced on the market. The bubble water machine uses instant strong pressure to press only edible carbon dioxide gas into the water. Compared with natural gas bubble water, the taste of artificial bubble water is not much different, just a few minerals are missing.

The taste of artificial bubble water and soda water is somewhat similar, and the carbon dioxide bubbles contained in the liquid can be observed by the naked eye, but the production principles of the two are completely different. Simply put, soda water is made of baking soda. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), which will produce a lot of sodium ions when it blends into water.

However, since sparkling water entered the Chinese market, there has not been a clear industry standard, so you can see that domestic consumers have many questions and concerns about sparkling water, such as whether sparkling water can replace drinking water. What are the hazards of drinking sparkling water?

First of all, be sure to check the ingredient list before drinking. Some bubbles on the market have added sweeteners in order to adjust the sweetness. Excessive consumption may have an impact on health.

Although appropriate sweetener intake can bring human comfort and pleasure, excessive sweetener intake may cause obesity, high blood sugar, diabetes and other risks. Compared with adults, children are more sensitive to sweet taste, and due to their natural preference for sweet taste, they may cause excessive intake of sweeteners, causing many adverse effects on children's physiology and psychology. Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone, especially babies, drink sparkling water with sweeteners for a long time , let alone replace water. Over time, the probability of these problems occurring on the body becomes higher and higher.

Of course, if the sparkling water you buy is indeed only water and carbon dioxide, it should be a healthy drink in essence. In that case, why not let it drink at home. Water is more "fancy"?

Simpure, which has been focusing on water purification for more than 15 years, has newly launched the silver spring desktop mineralizer. From more than a thousand kinds of rocks and minerals, 4 kinds of high-quality natural ores are selected, and "real" natural mineral water can be easily realized at home. It forms and provides trace mineral nutrition "strontium" . "Strontium" is one of the constituent elements of the human body and participates in the body's metabolism. The "mineralized" treated water not only adds points to the taste, but also awakens deep energy with a glass of water, allowing the body to feel the ease and comfort of doing SPA without leaving home. 

The second is safety. The RO membrane used in the treatment unit of the Silver Spring desktop mineralized drinking fountain can effectively remove 64 harmful substances in the water , and the water storage tank has UV sterilization with a sterilization rate of 99.9% . At the same time, with AI intelligent operation, the intelligent housekeeper manages the health of drinking water, making the little thing of drinking water full of ritual.

Finally, I would like to give you a commonplace saying that healthy and fresh pure water is the "best drink". Choose the good water from Simpure to protect the health of the whole family!