use air purifier with window open

Can I use air purifier with window open?

Pollutants in the air like bacteria,virus, formaldehyde, PM2.5, pollen... I believe everyone has never been more concerned about air quality and breathing safety than this spring. Faced with the pollution coming from "groups", we should all equip ourselves and our family with an air purifier. But for the air purifier, are you using it right? You must be aware of these misunderstandings, otherwise it will waste money and fail to achieve the expected effect.

   Misunderstanding 1: Regardless of the number of rooms, one per family is enough

   It virtually depends on the specific situation. You can equip the corresponding air purifier according to the number of rooms to be cleaned and the area of ​​the room. In fact, the purification area of ​​each air purifier is directly proportional to its CADR value. It is calculated from the CADR value of particulate matter. Generally, a conventional air purifier corresponds to a room. Large-sized rooms can be considered The number of rooms is standard equipped with corresponding air purifiers.


Misunderstanding 2: No matter how long it is used, a set of filters is permanent

use air purifier with window open
  Many people use air purifiers and ignore the life of the filter. At present, there are many kinds of air purifier filters on the market, and each filter has its own service life. If you use the filter for a long time but do not replace the filter in time, there will be a large amount of pollutants attached to the filter, which will greatly reduce the purification efficiency of the air purifier, even produce peculiar smells, or cause secondary pollution of indoor air, so you must use the air purifier Replace the filter in time.

Misunderstanding 3: No matter what the parameters are, the bigger the machine, the better

use air purifier with window open

  Each air purifier has its own design. The purification effect is related to its air duct, motor, filter, air inlet, air outlet and other factors. It is not necessarily a large air purifier with a good purification effect. Therefore, when choosing an air purifier, we must consider its CADR value. Generally speaking, the larger the CADR value, the better the purification effect.

Misunderstanding 4: No matter how big the room is, put the machine in the corner

   I believe that many families have purchased air purifiers, and they will be placed against the wall or placed in the corner. This is not desirable. If the air purifier is too close to a wall or placed in a corner, the airflow generated by the purifier will be blocked, and the ideal purification effect will not be achieved. In addition, when the air purifier is placed in the corner, it may suck dust and other dirt in the corner into the machine, reducing the service life of the air purifier. The correct way is to move the air purifier at least 1.5m-2m away from the wall. Place it, or put it in an open location.

   Misunderstanding 5: No matter what the outdoor air is, open the window to purify it

For indoor pollution, there are many factors affecting the source of pollution. If you use an air purifier with doors and windows open, the purified air may escape due to air circulation. On the contrary, outdoor pollutants will enter the room through the windows. , therefore affecting the purification effect.

Nowadays, smog strikes from time to time, and bacteria and viruses often hide in the air to spread. The volatilization period of formaldehyde hidden in home decoration, home furniture, textiles and other items is also about 3-15 years. It is important to use an air purifier to purify the indoor air and protect your family’s breathing. For families with air purifiers, please check it quickly and figure it out when to change air purifier filter. Is your method of use correct? For families without air purifiers, you may wish to start with a Haier air purifier. A variety of models are suitable for different room types and usage needs to help you through the season of high pollution.