pollen allergies

Air purifier for pollen allergies

In today's life, many people are pursuing a high-quality life, want to live in a good environment, and more and more people are focusing on health preservation. At this time, if you buy an air purifier for home large room, you can improve Air cleanliness, and then remove pollen, peculiar smell, dust, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution or allergens, bacteria, etc., all have a good adsorption, decomposition and transformation effect, which can be more beneficial to health and can be applied in special fields. Many, so what does it do?


pollen allergies

Late summer and early autumn were originally pleasant seasons, but some people experienced a lot of discomfort: itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing...

Many people treat these symptoms as colds. In fact, this is not necessarily a cold, it may also be a pollen allergy.

Autumn pollen is more allergenic

air purifier for pollen allergies

Many people think that pollen allergies only occur in spring. In fact, autumn is also the peak season for pollen allergies. From the end of July, the beginning of August, to the end of September and the beginning of October, there is a high incidence of pollen allergies.

Pollen allergies in autumn take longer and have more severe symptoms. The probability of asthma in spring pollen allergy is only about 5%. The symptoms are more severe in summer and autumn, and 50% of patients may have asthma.

Wearing a mask can't protect against pollen allergies 100%

Some people may wonder why they still have allergic symptoms after wearing a mask?

This is because no mask of any style can intercept 100% of all pollen in the air. Pollen will enter the room with the air, and the patient can still inhale the pollen after removing the mask in the room. In addition to inhalation through the respiratory tract, pollen can also cause allergic reactions through skin contact on the face, neck, and hands.

Pollen is mainly outdoors, which is unavoidable in autumn. People with allergies are advised not to go for autumn outings in the pollen-intensive countryside. Plant less pollen-rich plants indoors, and air purifier for allergies can be used to purify allergens at home.

  The size of pollen varies from species to species. Most pollen diameters are about 20-50 microns, and some are as small as 4 microns. Many people may say that most of the flowers are grown outdoors. As long as they are not grown indoors, pollen allergies will not occur if you do not go out. This only reduces pollen allergens, but is not completely isolated from the source of pollen. The activities of the crowd, Various allergens and even dust from the outside world will be brought indoors, and even those who are allergic to pollen who never go out are at risk of harm. Open the window, pollen will also blow into the room with the spring breeze, which may also cause indoor pollen allergies.

At present, there are many air purifiers on the market. Most of them have built-in HEPA filters, which have a strong purifying effect on all kinds of pollutants and allergens suspended in the air. There are also some brands that use ion technology to combine with the positively charged dust and pollen in the air, and are finally absorbed by electrostatic dust collection equipment. In autumn, when pollen allergies are easy to cause, using an air purifier to prevent allergies is quite effective.