About SimPureLife

About SimPureLife

SimPure® is a water and air purifier brand based in the United States, specializing in creating household ecosystem mainly refer to purification and filtration products. The original purification technology that we implement in our products is independently developed and provided by Membrane Solutions, using American high-precision technology to drive life aesthetics with high-tech.

Meet clean water, fresh air, and real nature ---- SimPure® promotes the philosophy of ‘Minimalist Lifestyle’ and is committed to creating a simple, clean, comfortable, and secure home environment. We devote continued efforts to detecting and promoting convenient, practical, and affordable household filtration products, and eventually immerse them into the daily life of every family.

The universe traces back to simplicity and purity. SimPure® products are originally designed as easy, authentic, and practical as possible. We maintain this design thinking and extend it from product design to operation and even to life philosophy.

For design perspective, SimPure® products are generous in appearance, light and portable, and able to meet basic daily functional filtration needs

For operation perspective, SimPure® products can be flexibly assembled to meet diverse water purification requirements. The non-electric and pumpless design focuses on an energy-efficient condition, while the replaceable cartridge filters provide you smooth and sustainable user experience.

As mentioned above, we believe in ‘Minimalist Lifestyle’ and further recognize its core concept -- ‘Less is more’.

  • Less impurity, more health.
  • Less malfunction, more efficiency.
  • Less operation, more freedom.
  • Less weight, more convenience.

SimPure® will keep these concepts in mind and contribute our professional filtration and purification technology to cater to a simple life of yours. We affirm our comprehensive range of membranes is able to provide you with highly accurate filtration solutions and customized filtration products.

Caring for the individual, caring for the family, caring for nature, and caring for the earth. SimPure® has the honor to have you here and bring along with you to slow down and return to original and simple life. Stay simple, stay pure.

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